Lens-Artists Challenge #159 – POSTCARDS

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Per ANVICA “…think of how many postcards we used in the past: to congratulate, as a souvenir of the places we visited or simply as collectibles.”

I lived and worked in England from ’88 to ’92 (1900s, not 1800s), before email. 😱 I would sometimes make my own postcards to send to family. Following are a couple of examples, faithfully preserved in a small scrapbook by my mother (RIP last winter at 99yr, 6mo, 2wks).

[A right-click ‘might’ let you open a photo in a new tab.]

I trust I used a suitable sunscreen in the previous picture. As for the next one, Crete is neat!

Stay safe, stay well, send someone a postcard.

36 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #159 – POSTCARDS

  1. Loved this one John – especially love that your mother saved them, that is just so sweet and touching. Like Ana I am sorry for your loss but it looks like you have some great longevity in your gene pool!

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    1. Thank you Tina. The ‘scrapbook’ is even larger, a small treasure. Longevity? Mom surpassed parents and six siblings by 10+ years, all. Her offspring do not expect to get close. One day at a time!


  2. Love how you made your own postcards — it’s pre-social media indeed. With social media it’s like everyone has access to that same photo. With postcards, you know no one else has it. It’s wonderful your mom had saved your postcards.

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  3. How wonderful that you made postcards! That’s special, and, indeed, no surprise that your mom would keep them. I am also so sorry for your loss. My mom is 97 and has outlived 9 of her 11 siblings. She’s in good health and still fairly sharp, but, as she would say, she’s “ready.” She was the middle child, now she’s the oldest and ready to pass on the title.

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  4. What an enjoyable post John. You sent such interesting postcard home, no wonder your Mom saved a few! Sounds like she was a special lady and I’m guessing you still miss her, sorry for your loss.

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