Lens-Artists Challenge #164 – Look Up/Down

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RE: SofiaThis week Sofia invites us to Look Up and Down.

There are some great photos and ideas in her post. Following is a fast first submission.

Looking up is easy for me. I am forever looking at clouds. Very recently I was sitting in my local park, looked up  noticing beautiful clouds, and whipped out the trusty iPhone for a quick shot:

Recently, again, I was looking down and found I was also looking up!

At a concert in a local park (RECENTLY!!): UP…

(“There’s a MOOON out tonight.”

…and DOWN:

Idle minds, idle hands, the Devil’s playthings? No problemo. 

Stay safe, stay well, watch where you’re going!

57 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #164 – Look Up/Down

  1. Lovely reflection John and stunning clouds in that first cell pic. I bet you still like to identify objects in your clouds like we all did as children. Or at least I still do that. Great photos today. Best, Babsje

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  2. Ah the ubiquitous iPhone John – just finally entered the current century with a 12 (vs my old 8+, a trusty old friend). Excellent 1st effort although I see your second is already posted! Loved the reflection especially

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  3. I like your take on yo and down John
    For beauty and intrigue I live the second image
    And for a fresh take – the lush grass was a great photo to end with and then went well with the closing thoughts

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