Patti proposes WIIIIDE. I am OTR (on the road) at the moment (ATM), and trying to post from my iPhone. ๐Ÿคž Good luck to me.

I have a dearth of resources with me, but my phone has a Panorama photo album. (Think WIIIIDE.)

A phone โ€˜panoโ€™ is generally a โ€˜180โ€™ shot from facing left to facing right. The following shot is of the Front Range of the Rockies, from Pikes Peak on the far left to north of Longs Peak on the right. To see the details you have to zoom, zoom, zoom!

Taken from the Bluffs Regional Trail south of Denver, facing west of course.

When you ZOOOOOM you will see a LOT of suburb in the middle. Follow the mountains from left to right. The rugged peak to the right of snowy Pikes Peak a ways, above the iron railing, is Devils Head Peak. Mt. Evans may be near the center, somewhere. The drawback of WIIIIDE sometimes? FAAAARRR.

Your challenge, your MISSION, should you choose to accept it (Mission Impossible?), is to figure how to BLOW UP THIS PICTURE! (It is big and may load slowly.)

As noted, this post is written and posted from an iPhone, also previewed on a iPad. Enjoy.

Stay well, stay safe.

37 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #165 – Going Wide

  1. Always love these wide images. I was a big fan of Cinerama movies back in the 1960s and saw a few of them in Ultra Panavision, as well as some of the originals that used three 35mm cameras synced together to provide a 146-degree field of view.
    If you saw them on a curved Cinerama screen, it was a spectacular display of technology for the time.

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