Patti proposes WIIIIDE. I am OTR (on the road) at the moment (ATM), and trying to post from my iPad for Pt 2.

Some things can be WIIIIDE because they are not long. Following is a B-2 Bomber flying at very low altitude today, 12 Sep. 2021.

Your MISSION, should you choose to accept it (Mission Impossible?), is to figure WHERE IN THE WORLD this picture was taken. You may use the following data:

As noted, this post is written and posted from an iPad. Enjoy.

Stay well, stay safe.

22 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #165 – Going Wide Pt 2

  1. The British term fits well here: great capture.
    Never would have guessed. One flew over the Ohio State game Saturday and caused a lot of neighborhood excitement. In 2012, Alie and I had the pleasure of watching from the tower as they practiced their “touch and go” landings at a base in Kansas, but I don’t have any photos as good.

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