LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #166 – Artificial Light Pt. 2

Leya proposes Artificial Light. There is no waiting in life. On with the show.

Entering ‘chandelier’ in my Apple Photos search box brought up 188 photos, many even with chandeliers. I was drawn to photos of the St. Louis Union Station Hotel, which I also featured in Lens-Artists Challenge #164 – Look Up/Down Pt. 2. I took these ten years ago this month.

Sadly, SADLY I SAY, the hotel is now part of ‘The Curio Collection by Hilton’. It has been renovated and as I browsed the Gallery on the website I found that these light fixtures no longer exist. They have been replaced by, in my opinion, blander modern versions. SAD!!! Such is progress.

Let there be light, too. Artificial light.

Stay well, stay safe.

43 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #166 – Artificial Light Pt. 2

  1. Hi John – that is sad about the lights being replaced – and I wonder if they perhaps tried to keep them but then could not – because as we know / sometimes when remodeling there are so many codes or some things don’t easily fit back in once taken down/
    Or maybe they just didn’t see the charm and beauty but good thing you have some images to share

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      1. Yes- but we know a lady who had old lights in her beach condo and had a fire from one of the old wires – so I do think sometimes they have to be replaced
        But you are right . New ones can be so bland

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  2. I love the greens in the walls and the lights. I am sad with you. I am sure it was hard to get parts or replace broken parts, as someone mentioned above. Who cares, right? I am not much for modern renovations in classic places. Nice photos this week, in both parts. Donna

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