LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #171 – Weird and Wonderful Pt. 3

Someone (A-C 😉) leads on W&W.

I am still OTR (On The Road), posting from an iPad. Apologies for not viewing your posts while I’m away.

Nighttime. I hope to show you pictures of the interior someday. Beyond stunning.

Stay well, stay safe, be weird, be wonderful.

27 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #171 – Weird and Wonderful Pt. 3

  1. Beautifully captured John. Weird indeed. I suppose I’m the only person in the universe who doesn’t love it but I’m one who is more in love with classic architecture I’m afraid. When I saw it I wondered how it would be judged by future generations. Sadly I’l never know ! thus far “masterpiece” is the only description I’ve heard.

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    1. I think it’s not so much ‘loving’ it as being awestruck that a human mind could create such a thing and see it being created. I will post pictures of the stunning interior as opportunities arise. As you can see, there are no ‘flying buttresses’ holding up the walls, even though the structure is VERY tall. The interior columns blossom at the top, buttressing each other. I liked the interior better than the exterior. The poor man died at the age of 73, after being struck by a tram (trolley?) car and receiving poor initial car because he wasn’t recognized. Still, the ‘basilica’ carried on in construction without him. TBC…


  2. Great photography, John, especially showing the details near the top of the basilica. Our son visited Barcelona a few years ago and loved seeing Gaudí’s works. Sadly, when we were there we were not able to visit the basilica – next time for sure. I’m looking forward to seeing your interior shots!

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