LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #175 – Follow Your Bliss

Lindy leads. “…to follow your bliss is to pursue that which provides you happiness and joy.”

I love guitar music. All kinds. Acoustic, electric, folk, rock, BLUES, bluegrass, classical, UNameIt.

A could’a been, should’a been, wanna-be, never-was, player myself, the following photo (May 2012) best typifies my own playing, as in NOT PLAYING. My guitar sits idle 99.99% of the time. C’est la vie.

Picasso said it for me in The Old Guitarist, which I photoed at The Art Institute of Chicago in April, 2008:

I like this somewhat blurry photo (occasionally a desirable effect?), with Picasso-esque shadows, taken of young Ireland-Irish folk players (Apr. 2017):

John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival fame was a blur at Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City Mo., during halftime at the football game Nov. 23, 2006:

You get the idea.

I thought the following was a decent photo of acoustic instruments (yes, not guitars). What’s not to like about a Gibson banjo and a Rattlesnake mandolin:

They belong to the local Denver sometime, once upon a time, band Home Brood, now somewhat ‘dis-banded’. May 2017 at the Ken Caryl Manor House:

Finally, I love blues music.

‘I_GotDemLowDownDirtyHeartBreakinBluesBaby, I_GottemBad.’

Robert Cray at Hudson Gardens:

Buddy Guy at Denver Botanic Gardens: (What is it about gardens?!)

Other acousticians of note I’ve seen lately:

Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper: the most dang fastest fiddlin’, guitar pickin’, banjo pickin’, mandolin pickin’, bass playin’ band I may have ever seen. At speed Mach 3, they don’t miss a note.

Hot Club of Cowtown, with Elana James on fiddle and an amazing slap bass player, playing gypsy jazz a’la Reinhardt and Western swing a’la Bob Wills.

Speaking of fast, there is always Ana Vidovic on classical guitar, and for unique, check out Luca Stricagnoli, to name but a very few.

Stay well, stay safe, follow your bliss.


30 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #175 – Follow Your Bliss

  1. John, music is a passion I share with you – all kinds and especially live! In fact it was my husband’s six-string Gibson that was the reason we met long long ago. Thanks for this wonderful tribute to instruments and musicians!

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  2. Love your post!!!
    I really like the sound of a classical guitar. When I was a child, my grandfather gave me one and began to teach me, but there it was. I suppose it is one of those things that remained pending in my childhood.

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  3. An excellent source of joy John – not just guitars but music generally. I love watching and listening to the real masters of the craft, especially on guitar or piano. Well chosen, beautifully illustrated.

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  4. I can see you enjoy music by the images alone. If you haven’t already done so, visit the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, put it on your list. It is the largest collection of musical exhibits in the world, and it is only 11 years old.

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  5. A great bliss, John, and so well illustrated in words and photos! It all aches of love… I played a couple of instruments as a young girl, but almost never nowadays. Sometimes with my children – one of them plays transverse flute and the other one plays saxophone.

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