Amy leads.

L.Q. had a great issue on Celebrity, Lapham’s Quarterly Winter 2011: Celebrity, or https://www.laphamsquarterly.org/celebrity .

Suffice it to say ‘we’, the proverbial ‘vox populi’, have been fawning, FAWNING I say, if not GROVELING, over CELEBRITIES since time began. (How do you think tribal sages and witch doctors invented religion? On the other hand, The Source by James A. Michener had a cogent explanation, IMO. But I digress.)

ATHLETES are people we tend to celebritize, and Olympians/Paralympians are epitomes of excellent athletes.

Over the U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday we visited the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum in Colorado Springs, CO. That’s 14,115′ Pikes Peak in the background.

The entrance atrium had a multi-storied digital display of famous athletes, with a jutting observation platform that impose on numerous photos:

Click a photo to zoom, click again, zoom zoom zoom.

Olympic torches were displayed in a case designed for viewing from both sides. I was hard to photograph. Each torch has its own unique design:

L-R, Winter/Summer: 1976: Innsbruck/Montreal, 1980: Lake Placid/Moscow

Olympic medals, too, have their own unique design for each games.

(Click, zoom, click, zoom.)

Stay well, stay safe, be weird and wonderful, be shapely and designed, follow your bliss, but remember, CELEBRITY is a faux reality. 😱😂 Or whatever.

Wait a minute, I see the theme this week is CELEBRATING, not CELEBRITY.

Never mind. Ignore this.

32 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #177 – Celebrity

  1. Wow what a great post for this challenge and a great Lapham’s edition. I clicked on the piece labeled “This is just to say” expecting to see that famous poem about the plums that were left in the refrigerator. I was NOT expecting John loves Jodie!

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