Patti leads.

‘Tis the season. Holidays, that is. Regardless of your predilections or compunctions, it’s a good time to be SERENE. It is not like me not to follow instructions, such as when all else fails, but my serenity this week is to offer my usual veritable plethora salmagundi of minutiae. (That’s what I like about writing. I can take my time and look up words that I practically never use or have even heard of.)

Van Gogh can be serene, as seen in this photo of a wall at an Immersive Van Gogh light show, currently making the round of major U.S. cities and brief, over-priced, and unimpressive, in my opinion, though you are ‘immersed’ in his art as it’s projected on 4 walls of darkened rooms in a moving, blending milieu:

[These photos are not ‘clickable’, though a right-click might allow you to open in a new tab. I thought they were best viewed as is.]

Speaking of art milieus (segue alert!), ice skating anyone? It’s very thin ice. This is the Monet Pond at the Denver Botanic Gardens annual Blossoms of Lights display this month:

Serenity could be a child contemplating a sand castle on the beach in Barcelona last October, seemingly wondering whether he should bounce his ball near it. Don’t!

Or it could be part of the calming Christmas display in my doctor’s office the other day as I accompanied someone else for a visit:

I have no idea if there is a red nose under there, but (segue alert!), following is a very good-looking dog bounding around the rocks at the Garden of the Gods last month. I think his name was Bruno, he was friendly, and seemed to be enjoying himself. I love dogs.

Finally, and there is always a finally to life, or so they tell me, ‘there’s a moon out tonight’, or ‘fly me to the moon’. Following is a very recent, braced, hand-held shot of the moon which actually is not too blurry. Mysterious, contemplative, serene:

Stay well, stay safe, be weird and wonderful, be shapely and designed, follow your bliss, celebrate your own celebrity, be choosy, be serene. See you next year. 😉

37 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #179 – Serene

  1. Happy holidays, John. Thank you for the many “presents” your posts have provided me in 2021. I always enjoy your photography and even more the unusual selections you frequently make to respond to a suggested theme.

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  2. LOL John – loved your segue alerts! Excellent choices for the week. Your comment about the Van Gogh exhibit did make me smile, and I loved the Denver installation and the masked reindeer. A plethora of delights this week!

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  3. Fabulous shot of the serene moon, John! Looking into the night skies always makes me feel serene as I remember I’m but a speck in the vast universe. HIgh fives on your big words–fun stuff. The mask on the reindeer is a scream! Have a great week and a lovely Christmas!

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    1. I’d be curious to hear what you think of Immersive Van Gogh. I’d give it mixed reviews. Pretty, but pricey and short. Ours was a 35 minute light show for which I paid $60USD per person.

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