LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #182 – Interesting Objects

Patti leads. Hmmm. Interesting, in my eye, as the beholder, at least.

Bread pudding dessert at Vivilore Restaurant and Antique Shop, Independence Missouri. A house specialty, and sweeeeet!

The Sant Joan Funicular in Montserrat, Spain, where the up-car passes the down-car, I hope. ‘Muy interasante, si?’

The inimitable, INIMITABLE I SAY, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, as seen from Parc Guell several miles away:

Finally, the Wreaths Across America program last Christmas even found the Missouri State Veterans Cemetery at rural Higginsville, Missouri, a fitting and worthwhile effort, lest we forget:

Have a good year.

53 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #182 – Interesting Objects

  1. Love the beautiful memorial and the funicular in Montserrat (which I didn’t get to experience because of lack of time) But the winner for me is the pudding with ice cream please!

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  2. I love that architecture, and, oh yeah, I’ll take one of those desserts. 🙂

    My avocation in Civil Air Patrol taught me about the Wreaths Across America program. The North Dakota Wing has taken up the responsibility to cover the graves of the veterans in North Dakota cemeteries with wreaths every year.

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  3. Superb choices, John. The 1st is sssoooo yummy looking. I am a bread addict. Anything bread is for me. ~~ : – )
    The train is perfectly interesting. I’m sure communications are of utmost importance. 5 stars this week …
    Have a wonderful day … Isadora 😎

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  4. John, all your Photos reveal the things you are interested in! The funicular got my attention! The photo made me woozy! I have a thing with heights! Will they truly ever finish Sagrada Familia? I hope not! It was one of our highlights from Barcelona too! As a military wife, I was saddened by the undermining of Wreaths Across America this year! What is the world coming to? Are you traveling any time soon? We have big plans for this year, but reading all the do’s and don’ts for all the countries, we plan to visit (due to Covid), has been a bit of a chore and depressing! Hubby says not to get uptight because all the RULES right now will change anyway, by the time, we are ready to depart! So true! Keep in touch…….Cady


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