LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #183 – Memorable Events – ‘staches, beards, and things (?!?!)

A-C leads. Hmmm. GREAT theme, WELL executed by A-C.

I was thinking (always dangerous): Successes? Failures? Family gatherings? Whilst browsing my massive image archive I came across numerous BEARDS and MOUSTACHES. Well, why not.

This one qualifies for FIRST ON CARD, unlike the Last On Card photo challenges. It is one of the first half dozen photos in my library. Circa 1999, it’s a .BMP file (bitmap), not a .JPG. Very low resolution, 320×240, it may have been taken with an early desk cam device. I dunno.

I havn’t ALWAYS had a beard or mustache. Maybe 40-50% of the time since 1970?

Oops! Cuteness photo. Someone else’s facial hair, early 2006. The next one is circa 1972. It’s a digitized print, I don’t have the EXIF data:

The resolution is getting a little better. The following is even older than the last one, digitized again, ‘rebel without a cause’ perhaps. A possible submission for a movie part in a motorcycle gang. No call back, I never applied again. Your loss Hollywood. 😱

Worthy of a WANTED poster IMHO. 😂

Finally, we go full blown Grizzly Adams/Jeremiah Johnson (who?). I had this beard, more or less, for eleven years:

Once upon a time I had HEAD HAIR too!!! Centuries ago.

FINALLY (really finally, I know this is gripping stuff), the handlebar/Fu Manchu variation, circa Nineteen Eighty-Four (Orwellian!):

I read that either moustache or mustache is an acceptable spelling. For some reason moustache comes off the fingertips, though autocorrect begs to differ.

Have a good year.

40 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #183 – Memorable Events – ‘staches, beards, and things (?!?!)

  1. Back in my mid-50s, I had a full white beard when I went to the gym. The trainer said “you are really strong.” When I saw him a couple months later and was clean shaven, he said “you aren’t so old!”

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  2. Another fun twist to a challenge John! I remember when my husband had a mustache. My youngest was about 2 years at the time when one morning my husband shaved off his mustache. My son screamed so loud when he saw his dad. I can only imagine what was going through his young mind.

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  3. Wonderful walk through a history that could have been of my family as well. Many of my family members went through the years changing their beard styles.
    I have had only a small mustache for most of my adult life. I was never blessed with a quality beard, so as a young man, I settled for the ‘stache and kept it. Thanks for sharing these image from your past. Very enjoyable review.

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  4. Well, John, If I didn’t love you enough before, I certainly do now – a wonderful cavalcade of beards and moustaches! All yours. I bet your eyes perfectly matched that jeans jacket…”Wanted” could easily have been on my wall in younger days. What a loss for Hollywood ;-D

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    1. Ha ha! Thank you Leya. You are too, too kind, but one should never refuse kindness. I’ll take all I can get. As I get older I find myself contemplating my lengthy past more than my less lengthy future. 😱😂


      1. I must agree. And the more people I lose over the years, the more I think of my youth and how grateful I should be having lived this long.
        I try to avoid most conservatives in food…but maybe I am so old I really need all the conservatives I can get!

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  5. Oh my John – that IS a set of Memorable events!!! I’d never have recognized you and Good Lord – that Grizzly Adams look – you must have been hiding out from someone at that point!! Yes you are so right, Hollywood’s loss indeed! Not really a facial hair fan but I did like your Wanted Poster look my friend!

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      1. I feel it’s both ways.
        Parents never understand their kids, neither kids appreciated parents displeasure.
        But when I look back of my younger version, I felt weird and strange as to how I could have dressed the way I was in terms of hairstyle and dressing.
        So I feel it’s wrong on the younger generation to blame the senior citizens for any advice they get from them.
        Thank you John for making me think.

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