Sofia leads with an excellent theme.

A flight of wine for the high spirited at Seasons 52 restaurant last January.
Yet another ‘Road Less Traveled’, snow-hiking in the woods west of Copper Mountain, Colorado, last week.
As the sun, if there is one, slowly sinks in the west, nice views from the superb Bistro North in Dillon, Colorado.
Finally, and there is always a finally in life, as Reggie McDaniel might have said, apropos to the present day, a low light closeup of some Olympic medals at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum in Colorado Springs, CO, taken last November.

Have a good year.

39 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #186 – Low-Light

  1. Ah, a man who enjoys good wine, a walk in the woods and a beautiful view – clearly a Renaissance kind of guy! Loved that view of the mountain John, and the snowy path would be a lovely stroll if it weren’t too darned cold for my taste LOL. Excellent choices for the week.

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  2. Hi John

    You mean those weren’t your medals? I remember your boot-top fracture X-ray, maybe that kept you out of the running? Or maybe it was that flight of wine? Whichever, loved your charming post.

    Best, Babsje

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