LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #190 – Close and Closer

Patti leads.

Close and Closer, as in friends and enemies? Keep them?

Anyway, just ‘yesterday’…

All my troubles seemed so far way…” – Yesterday by The Beatles

…I took a couple of Close and Closers at the D.A.M. Denver Art Museum, that is.

It was nearly the end of the Whistler to Cassatt exhibition of American painters who studied in Europe during the second half of the nineteenth century, some for years, decades, or the rest of their lives.

I get a different perspective on a painting depending on whether I’m Close or Closer:

Keep your friends very close, and…

Have a good year.

27 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #190 – Close and Closer

  1. By coincidence, Alie and I went to the Columbus Museum of Art Thursday, and I used your technique [with eye, not camera] on many paintings. With the exception of the few painters who used the finest brushes and shading, it is usually revealing to see how a skilled artist, not just the impressionists, can magnify/create/intensify an image with a few well-chosen brush strokes.

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  2. Hi John, love the artwork..Like Vincent Van Gogh’s art, his was very different with the strokes so close I ended up seeing Van Gogh Live on the weekend; . I did enjoy it I must say. I think I recall it was you that didn’t love it?

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