I (ME/MYSELF) take the lead!! This week I have been GRACED with the esteemed honor of leading the LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE. I trust I will not DIS-grace myself with a poor performance by weeks end.

I’m occasionally accused of having a (weird, warped?) sense of humor, so my first thoughts for a theme were: humor, humorous, fun, funny, pleasing or pleasurable. Objective, subjective? Simple, nuanced? Can we photograph such an abstract, humanoid concept?

I hope, as this is published, we can still find at least a corner of our lives for some humor. ‘We must keep our sense of humor, sometimes it’s all we have left.’

I chose this L-A theme a couple of months in advance. The pandemic was starting to subside, but then, while drafting my post, war in Europe reared its ugly head. Where we will all be when I publish remains to be seen, but keep some humor, even if this great cosmic joke called life isn’t always funny!

Dig into your photo archives and find something humorous. (Please, nothing that might be injurious of anyone or anything, of course. WE, the collective Lens-Artists that we are, must retain our civility.)

My first thought, after humor, was humorous, thus the homonym humerus, of which I don’t have a photo, so that was a bust (no pun intended). None of hummus either, but that would be a stretch.

Halloween costumes, zealously practiced in the U.S., and depicted here amongst an international crowd in the U.K. many decades ago, is always a source for a bit of humor:

These people, whoever they are, will be very old by now, not unlike myself, so I trust they will retain their anonymity. There is good reason I am not showing the costume I was wearing at the time. I make a fool of myself often enough as it is.

As they say, whoever ‘they’ are, ‘laughter is the best medicine.’ Laugh on!

All of these VOPs (Very Old Photographs) are reminders of my self-asserted axiom ‘Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can laugh at today.’ 🙂

Thank you for participating. Your good humor will be greatly appreciated.

Next week’s host will be TINA from the https://travelsandtrifles.wordpress.com website. Apologies for any Ms-understandings. 😉

Stay well, stay safe, be weird, wonderful, shapely and designed, follow your bliss, celebrate your celebrity, be choosy and serene. Have a good year, and above all, keep your sense of HUMOR! 🙂


151 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #196 – Humor

  1. John, you brought out the real humour with your theme and also the images you posted.
    Love the Halloween clicks and also the couple on the swing.
    The guy in your last image brought all the smiles.
    And love all these candid shots and the expression are real.
    Thanks a lot and these days a hearty ‘laughter’ from the humour has become a rare event.

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  2. Well john, it looks like your challenge is a big hit! It was so much fun going thru the archives looking for today’s post. here’s to the smiles you’ll bring to our followers this week, and to you for your fun and inviting post. Thanks again for your willingness to lead us!

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  3. Boo, hiss! Nothing like a bad joke . . . What kind of photos does a turtle take? Shellfies.

    Nice pix! Wasn’t it Elliott Erwitt who took funny pictures, too?

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  4. I love your funny photos! It inspired me to dig out my old photos too. Halloween is always fun. I tried to find funny costumes, but my kids (and husband) went through a scary costume phase. I’m laughing at everyone’s funny posts this week!

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