LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #210 – Three Favorite Images

(Sarah leads.)

Hmmm, again.

ONE of my all time faves, posted many times, digitally enhanced in Apple Photos, for better or worse, to get a bit of color in the dry field:

My unfounded suspicion is, the car was placed there to look rustic and ‘cute’, though, having recently read Of Mice and Men for the first time THIS century, perhaps Lenny and George hitched a ride west, and this is as far as the vehicle brought them. Who knows?

Another fave is Lake Dillon, in all the Vivid Mode my old Nikon D5200 could muster:

Still, a fave of fave, is our dear, dear, long since departed, much loved, Dee-Oh-Gee:

Stay well, stay safe, be weird and wonderful. Be your own favorite.


34 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #210 – Three Favorite Images

  1. Great choices and the car one I am familiar with and it was worth seeing again
    Also – I need to read “mice and men” in the century too! Hahaha – think it has been since the 80s???

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  2. I really love your dog portrait. Our long-since-departed Cairn Terrier has only a couple of photos for us to remember him by. At the time, I was on my thirty-year hiatus from photography and I now regret taking the time to make photographic memories.
    That eagle sculpture at first made me think you captured the image at Lake Mcconaughy in Nebraska where there is a similar sculpture. Then I saw the mountains in the background. Nope, not where I thought it was.

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  3. The lake looks smooth as if waiting for a duck or two. Incredible blue color too.
    Recently, I photographed an old rusted truck at a restaurant parking lot. It looked
    like it had a history behind it. I’m still thinking of a story I can add with it. I wonder
    what’s inside the one you posted as a fav. Great one … šŸ˜‰
    Who doesn’t love a cute adorable doggie? Not me, he’s is adorable. Our fur kids linger
    in our hearts. This one definitely had a wonderful life. Sweet ā¤ļø
    Isadora šŸ˜Ž


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