(Patti leads.)

“Everybody is doin’ a brand new dance, now
(Come on baby, do the Loco-MOTION)
I know you’ll get to like it if you give it a chance, now
(Come on baby, do the Loco-MOTION
–by Little Eva (emphasis mine)

Here are some fountains from my small local park. The multiple fountains ‘dance’ and move, and are filled with busloads of happily squealing children in the summer. [Obliviously, you must click to enlarge, zoom zoom. Click a photo, click right, click lower-right, click, click, click, (tapping, tapping, at my door… quoth the… uh, never mind, nevermore.)]

If the gallery box shows up solid BLACK, 😱😱😱, refresh your page and/or click on it anyway. I hope you enjoy MOTION, frozen in time.

Stay well, stay upright and MOBILE! Which isn’t always easy at my age! πŸ™‚

32 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #212 – MOTION

      1. About two years ago – had a college student in one of my classes who never knew the song – can’t remember how it came up but I showed him a video and it was a lot of fun introducing someone to a classic song like that

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