LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #214 – Favorite Finds

(Leya leads.)

Do you find museums intriguing, she asks? VERY.

I’m in NYC this week. First day today. I visited a museum for the ages, lest we forget. An absolute must-see.

But first, a bit of Calatrava. What is an Oculus anyway? Don’t MAKE me look it up! Never mind. Here it is:

a round or eye-like opening or design.

  • a circular window.
  • the central boss of a volute
(YOU look up volute!)

Stay well, stay upright, find your favorites.


40 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #214 – Favorite Finds

  1. Terrific post John. So glad you loved the museum. It’s difficult to capture how incredibly moving it is but you did so very well. Also loved your angles on both Calatrava and the footprint fountain. Excellent. It’s quite a day there isn’t it?!

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  2. Wow John! Your photos are amazing and dramatic, capturing the emotion of the area. I especially liked your opening image. I think when I see your post, I’d better get a dictionary before I start reading!

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