LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #216 – Urban Environments

(Sofia leads.)

I recently returned from a week in New York City. Definitely an UrbEnv. No place quite like it.

My interest in UrbEnv leans heavily toward architecture. Lest your eyes glazeth over with a cacophonous plethora of examples, I will attempt to consolidate some in galleries and compares, in no particular order.

ONE WTC seems like a suitable lone opener, standing next to the site of the Twin Towers of 9/11.

The art deco Chrysler Building has been a skyline icon since its construction:

I found The American Radiator Building by Bryant Park, odd to me with its black brick and gold accents, noteworthy for its history. Originally a manufacturer of steam heat room radiators, it merged to eventually become American Standard, the name on many of my/our American toilets.

Urban environments are not without some rurality. Following is the San Remo coop residential building as seen from across Central Park:

Oddities and uniques prevail. The Vessel, in the Hudson Yards area, was built for people to walk up the network of stairways and absorb the views. Sadly, it has been closed most of the time because some people (IDIOTS!) walk up and jump to their demise. STOP DOING THAT!

Near The Vessel is The Edge building, for those that want some REALLY awesome views. Yes Virginia, those are PEOPLE up there!

A small plethora gallery:

Finally, The Unisphere, Corona Park, at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, Flushing, New York.

All the world is a stage.

Epilogue. Lest we forget, getting around NYC mandates THE SUBWAY:

Stay well, stay upright, find your Urban Environment.

45 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #216 – Urban Environments

  1. Perfect timing for this one John! I visit the city fairly regularly as our family lives there but two things stood out to me in the one. First I had no idea they’d closed the Vessel stairways because of suicides. How very sad. And second your closing image. I always think of the World’s Fair that took place there when I see that globe. My grandmother took me to the fair WAY BACK WHEN and I’ll never forget it. Can you believe it was SIXTY years ago?!?!? A very fond memory so thanks for that.

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  2. Live this NYC post so much –
    And I was just telling Tina that I never tire of any of her NYC photos because she always brings a different vibe
    And that is the case here / you showed NYC in a special way and like the vibrant photos
    The ONE WTC was an Angie I have not seen and good to end with subway –

    Oh and sad about the jumpers – I heard the Golden Gate Bridge is noted for a top place to Jump as well
    So sad

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    1. YES! I primary purpose for the trip was to attend 2 days of the open (Round 1, Days 1 & 2). We went 2 days before and stayed 3 days after. We saw Serena play her first of 3 matches, we saw Simona Halep get beat in the first round by Hungarian Snigur, we watched Nick Kyrgios play his friend Kokkinakis, we saw Andy Murray and Madison Keys play, watched Rafa Nadal play, Iga Swiatek, Sloan Stephens, Chris Eubanks, and Amanda Anisamova. LOVED IT, but what a ZOO the Open is. ‘Changeover’ between 5 and 7 was a huge mob scene, and seats in Arthur Ashe Stadium sadly UNcomfortable. Still, Bucket List Item, CHECK!


      1. That’s great…got a good dose of the top players. It truly can be a zoo there. I went to 9 in a row starting back in 93 before switching over to Cincinnati. Less traffic, more accessible, costs less and draws all the top players. It’s not a slam and you can feel the difference but it’s not that much of a drop off. As a tennis fan, definitely a bucket list item to see a US Open. The other for me would be Wimbledon which is probably a long shot but never say never…we’ll see.

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      2. Likewise on Wimbledon. Long shot. We went to Indian Wells in 2018 and would go back there. We plan to attend the WTA Charleston Open next March as we want to see historic Charleston and nearby areas also.


      3. FYI all our sessions were in Armstrong or Ashe. We were VERY unhappy with the Ashe seating. Small seats, cramped legroom. I don’t know HOW some big people get into them. We are med-small. We were in Loge just above the boxes. Viewing was ok. Another thing about non-Slam tourneys, no 5-setters. πŸ‘


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