LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #220 – One Subject Three Ways

(Patti leads.)

My first attempts will not strictly adhere to the theme guidelines, but I wanted to share some recent local color again. When did I ever not follow instructions?!

After all, I wouldn’t want to ‘steer’ you wrong:

I did ‘steer’ around these folks, as I was ‘cowed’ that I was invading their space, despite the adequate signage to the effect ‘cattle on the roadway!‘ And that’s no bull, unless it is:

(M’lady took these last photos, at my behest.)

But I digress.

Here is one subject two ways, separate photos not cropped:

Here are two subjects with receding perspectives, one horizontal, the other vertical:

Finally, and there is always a finally in life I’ve heard, we have some grapeshot, not from a blunderbuss, but 3 different photos of Pinot Gris grapes at the Stone Cottage Cellars vineyard:

The netting is to keep birds from eating the grapes, but not, apparently, humanoids.
Closest. Not seedless, or so I’m told. How else would I know? 🤷‍♂️

Stay well, stay upright, be one subject three ways, if you’re a contortionist at heart.

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