LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #228 – Diagonals Pt. 2

(Patti leads.)

You Still Rock!!

Devils Tower, Wyoming.

We can do this. Are we there yet?

Railing assists:

Noooo problem.

Up, up, up, up…

I can do this. … … Am I there yet? … … Hello? … … Hello???

My work here is REALLY done.




47 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #228 – Diagonals Pt. 2

  1. OK, so there will be another challenger (when it’s published) that features a shot or two of Devils Tower. Nice collection of diagonals.
    How’d you know I’d be climbing the tower that day? (Maybe that’s a lie. >grin<)

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  2. John, these are great pictures and examples of diagonals. The opening shot is awesome and the diagonal closeup of the rock with railing and climbers is terrific. I was hoping you would mention you had also climbed it although I certainly understand why you decided to just take some photos instead. I love seeing these pictures!

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