(Anne leads.)

Per Anne: ‘My challenge for you is to take a lens for a walk.’

Walking outside is DISMAL today! From the archives, Nikon D5200 with kit lens.

The Cloudup gallery below is quirky, as usual. If the last photo doesn’t display, try clicking the arrow at lower right of the box, or the grid at bottom center. Good luck!

“HEY! I’m WALKIN’ HERE!!” –Ratso Rizzo, Midnight Cowboy. (Or I would be walking if it wasn’t so DISMAL.) šŸ™‚




19 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #233 – A One Lens Walk

  1. Great response to this challenge John. Giving the lens properties was a great idea and you made wonderful photos with your Nikon and one lens. Sorry you’re having bad weather. We are finally getting some sunshine this week. Take care!

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  2. Cute pup, and I always love geraniums. Glad you had archive photos to warm your thoughts with your dismal weather. We are getting freezing temps tonight. I don’t have the energy to cover my geraniums. Stay warm

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