LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #234 – Messages Pt. 2

(Wind Kisses leads.)

Elizabatz inspired me to post some murals and messages from Belfast, Ireland.

Murals about ‘The Troubles’:



The previous is in a lighter vein, as are these messages:


“Message in a bottle, yeah

Message in a bottle, yeah”

…or on a wall.

Elizabatz has a nice art site too. Check it out.


24 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #234 – Messages Pt. 2

  1. LOL for the message to teenagers John, I LOVED that one!! Your Irish messages reminded me of our journey to Scotland which was in the midst of their vote to secede from the EU. There were multiple paintings on buildings for both sides. It added to my appreciation of their quandary.

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  2. These are amazing. Belfast has a lot of spirit. The pub did a tremendous job on its mural on both the top and the bottom. The bouncer with the club is the best. This must be a lively pub.


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