LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #235 – Shadows & Reflections in Monochrome

(Patti leads.)

Hmmm. Inscrutable. I don’t shoot monochrome very often, though I envy the many fine monochromaticists amongst us.

I did shoot some monochromes last November near the old mining town of Victor, Colorado. There once was a lot of gold in them thar’ hills. Shadows, but no reflections other than philosophical, in this spartan, high-altitude countryside:

And miscellanea:

Lucerne, Switzerland. Not monochrome, oops!
N’orleans (Loosiana)
Color, actually. Sorry.
Ireland, monochromed in post-processing.
Courtesy Despair.Com, when you need to laugh despairingly.

Get the message?




34 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #235 – Shadows & Reflections in Monochrome

  1. Well done John! Snow scenes in color often come out looking black and white, and that’s great. All your monochromes look awesome. My favorite is the New Orleans shot. It almost looks like you put an infrared filter on it.

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