LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #237 – Bringing softness. Pt. 2

(Bren leads.)

Here are a few more ‘softies’.

My memory being what it isn’t, I believe these first two photos are conversions from print to digital, though the softness was in the originals.

Stirling Bridge, Scotland:

Somewhere in England, near the end of the previous century:

Finally, we have the Bayeux Cathedral, one of my personal favorites in my archive, photographed when the sun came our right after a rainstorm. This was taken with a small Canon ELPH 100 and heavily tweaked in Apple Photos to strive for softness in this post. I’m not happy with it and didn’t achieve the soft, gauzy effect I sought. It just looks dark to me.

The original is still my favorite. Though not harshly sharp, it’s just not soft:

So it goes.


26 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #237 – Bringing softness. Pt. 2

  1. Nicely done. I love the river photos and the comparison of the two cathedral shots. It doesn’t always have to be what we want “this time”. As always, experience is life greatest lesson. I know I plan to experiment some more. The results were interesting.

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