LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #237 – Bringing softness.

(Bren leads.)

A first stab, just to be an early submitter, but I’m reminded of a couple of other photos I have that might be appropriate.

Perhaps this is a good use of the iPhone photo ‘tap and hold’, that extracts a primary subject from a cluttered background, as I did with these Valentine’s Day roses. They are soft and less clear.

The next one is a ‘super zoom/crop’ of recent snowy tree branches. I think the iPhone’s digital compensation contributes to the fringing, but I could be wrong.

Cropping, again, tends to soften a recently posted photo of a bonsai tree, which wasn’t particularly sharp to start with. It is not an iPhone photo.

Pretty as a picture, it is perhaps my favorite of the three. I’m sure I will learn a lot observing other contributors to this theme.


20 thoughts on “LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #237 – Bringing softness.

  1. John, thanks so much for jumping in early as others may have been looking for this week’s challenge. You Da Man!! Loved your funky snowy tree especially, but also loved the colors in your closing image.

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  2. Wonderful selection and I love that snow-covered tree, but the roses are my favorite.
    John, I saw your post yesterday complete with images but didn’t have time to comment as I scanned the reader. While looking in today’s reader, though, your images didn’t display there. That also happened to Tina’s post and I had to go to your respective sites to see the photos on both of your posts. Interesting that both yours and Tina have the issue, but so far, I have seen photos in all of the other posts I viewed.

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    1. Hmm. Mine are linked from a separate WordPress media library, but most of my posts for the last many years are like that. Maybe there was a network server problem. WP keeps tweaking, a bit too much sometimes. Lately I can’t open my own notifications (upper right ‘bell’ icon) on someone else’s site. It just spins and I have to go to my own site.


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