08/06/2021 –  I’m retired from IT in travel reservation computer systems, once  an avid snow-skier in Colorado, a lifelong reader and now avid reader in my retirement. (I’ve read more non-fiction since retiring than ever previously.  What a ‘novel’ idea. I love to travel and take pictures.  Someday I may learn to take photographs.  The world is a beautiful place.  ‘Take only pictures, leave only footprints’ someone has said.

13 thoughts on “About

      1. Now you’ve made me laugh and cry…just read your post about Anne Frank. I read her diary as a teenager and it was my bible. I’ve forgotten how talented and tragic her story is.

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      2. We should all cry a little every day over man’s inhumanity to man, then be happy we are alive to tell about it. Thank you for reading and commenting.


  1. Hi John, nice to meet you. ~Glad you like my paintings and thanks for stopping by. Keep on enjoying the reading and the blog writing and of course all the joy and new discovery they bring 🙂

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  2. What a coincidental way to meet!? You liked a comment I made at Panhirsch’s blog post. And I like your About me. Coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences! Ergo, I follow you. Nice o meet you, John..

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