Jodi Picoult (pronounced Pico, or pee-koe)

[CATEGORIES: Literature, Reading] Grieving elephants.  She spoke about researching grieving elephants, how they sometimes stay with their dead for awhile, how they will fondle the bones of dead elephants and visit the places of their death as if paying their respects. I had heard about elephants doing that.  Perhaps a news item I'd run across … Continue reading Jodi Picoult (pronounced Pico, or pee-koe)

Read THE CONFESSION by Grisham

As in 'red', past tense, or 'reed', you read this.  I'm referring to John Grisham's The Confession: A Novel, published in 2010.  I devoured it over a 48 hour period, fast reading for me, but it was a page turner and page burner.  Totally engrossing.  Only once, briefly, did I think "Oh yeah, another Grisham novel". … Continue reading Read THE CONFESSION by Grisham