Take A Hike. The End Of Autumn (nearly).

[Categories: Travel, Photography, Photography 101 Forever] [Most photos here are hosted on OneDrive or CloudUp.] [Click and zoom, click click, rinse, repeat.] Our hiking group did a single track trail hike near Denver, Colorado this week. The numerous rattlesnake warning signs concerned me, but I'm glad to say I didn't see any.  I did see … Continue reading Take A Hike. The End Of Autumn (nearly).

The Western at the DAM

[Categories: Photography, Photography 101 Forever] [These are permissible still photos of exhibits, taken by me for personal use.] [Click on a picture to enlarge and zoom.] At the DAM, the Denver Art Museum, an exhibition of Western movies, paintings, and sculpture.  Cowboy and indian, U.S. 19th century, wild wild west of course. I had a … Continue reading The Western at the DAM

Calder at the Gardens

[Categories: Arts, Flowers, Photography, Photography 101 Forever] [Click on a gallery to open, click on single pictures within to zoom.] Alexander Calder (1898-1976), the artist/originator of the mobile (Wiki), though all but one of the 9 exhibit pieces are stabiles. At the Denver Botanic Gardens, 28 April - 24 Sept. 2017.  M'lady and I visited near … Continue reading Calder at the Gardens

Gate. These Days.

[Categories:  Photography, Photography 101 Forever] (Click to enlarge.  Scroll down, click View Full Size to enlarge again.  Click again to enlarge again.  Find your way back.) "Well I've been out walking I don't do that much talking these days These days..." I passed this the other day and it caught my eye. Closer: As is, … Continue reading Gate. These Days.

Colorado. It’s almost spring.

Peeking out the window at dawn yesterday I saw the sunrise and ran for the camera. A bit later we bicycled in near-70 degree weather on our 17-yr old bikes, vintage but not yet antique (the bikes, we are definitely vintage). Today, St. Paddy's Day, bigger in the U.S. than Ireland I hear, because we … Continue reading Colorado. It’s almost spring.

Restaurants, Union Station Denver

[Categories: Photography, Travel, Travel Photography, Photography 101 Forever, Food] During our recent visit to Union Station Denver and The Mercantile Dining & Provision restaurant we browsed several of the other good restaurants there.  Here are some but not all of them:   Am I a foodie?  Shucks no, I just like to eat.  If I was … Continue reading Restaurants, Union Station Denver

Mercantile Dining & Provision Restaurant

[Categories: Photography, Travel, Travel Photography, Photography 101 Forever, Food] I don't usually blog about restaurants (see my TripAdvisor instead) unless they are part of a vacation but Mercantile Dining & Provision in the Union Station Denver was Drop... Dead... Delicious!! We arrived 11:30-ish for lunch, beating the busy lunch crowd (from downtown offices I presume) that … Continue reading Mercantile Dining & Provision Restaurant

Union Station Denver

[Categories: Photography, Travel, Travel Photography, Photography 101 Forever] This was not a photography expedition.  Photos were taken with a Canon ELPH100HS and enhanced for brightness in iPhoto.   The Great Hall: What others wait for I'm not sure. The recently refurbished station has many fine new restaurants that attract downtown employees and tourists alike.  There … Continue reading Union Station Denver