Lens-Artists Challenge #46 – Delicate

[Categories: Photography, Photography 101 Forever] [Right-click on photos may allow you to open in a new tab or window.] [Photos this week are hosted on another WordPress site.] The challenge this week is led by Ann-Christine/Leya. Water seems delicate.  Fluid, flowing.  Though we try to control it, direct it, capture it to do our bidding, … Continue reading Lens-Artists Challenge #46 – Delicate

Flower of the Day (FOTD): Clematis

[Category: Photography, Photography 101 Forever] We had clematis at our previous home.  Bloomed every year.  Easy to care for.  Cut it to the ground in fall or early spring, remove the clinging dead vines.  It would climb the lattice again, spring and summer. The following picture was taken at the Ringling estate in Sarasota, FL. … Continue reading Flower of the Day (FOTD): Clematis

Lens-Artists Challenge #39 – Hello April

[Categories: Photography, Photography 101 Forever] [Right-click on photos may allow you to open in a new tab or window.] The challenge is led this week by Amy. If today were April, this is my morning view from the window: It will be gone before April arrives, and it will likely, briefly, return after April departs. M'lady … Continue reading Lens-Artists Challenge #39 – Hello April

Cee’s Flower of the Day (FOTD) Challenge

[Category: Photography] Why not?  There's a scurrilous (offensive, gross, abusive), blasting, blizzard outside, the lights are flickering (125,000 without power so far), and I'm twiddling. A poinsettia, and friend, from the Denver Botanic Gardens, Dec. 2018.  (Right-click might open in new tab and larger format.  Tablets might open larger with a click.) Inspiration kudos: Amy: Cee's … Continue reading Cee’s Flower of the Day (FOTD) Challenge

The Denver Botanic Gardens, June 11, 2018

[Categories: Photography, Travel, Travel photography, Photography 101 Forever] [All photos are mine, hosted on Cloudup.com. Let me know if you have access problems.] [Click, click, zoom, click.  Click lower-right arrow in a black box to get a larger photo.] [At a single photo click More/Info for basic photo info.  Click the data display again to make … Continue reading The Denver Botanic Gardens, June 11, 2018

Calder at the Gardens

[Categories: Arts, Flowers, Photography, Photography 101 Forever] [Click on a gallery to open, click on single pictures within to zoom.] Alexander Calder (1898-1976), the artist/originator of the mobile (Wiki), though all but one of the 9 exhibit pieces are stabiles. At the Denver Botanic Gardens, 28 April - 24 Sept. 2017.  M'lady and I visited near … Continue reading Calder at the Gardens

Hail Hail the Gang’s All Here

[Categories: Photography, Photography 101 Forever] That's an American popular song first published in 1917, according to Wikipedia. What was my last line in Springin’ in the ‘Burbs – 2016 ?  "I promise to post before snow flies next winter OR this June."  OOPS!  Hail is a form of snow isn't it?   Most of the house damage is … Continue reading Hail Hail the Gang’s All Here

Springin’ in the ‘Burbs – 2016

Diabolo Ninebark

[Categories: Photography, Photography 101 Forever, Flowers] [Click on a picture to enlarge, then scroll down for camera info or to enlarge further.  It looks like WordPress has corrected their shutter speed mis-reads.] (I live just south of Denver, Colorado.) I mean to say 'Spring in the Suburbs' for those who can't comprehend my mangled vernacular. … Continue reading Springin’ in the ‘Burbs – 2016