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The future we’re building — and boring | Elon Musk, on YouTube

I hate to break from my stream of mundane travel blogs on Scotland/Ireland but I just viewed this TED Talk with Elon Musk and I want to share it with you.  If even just 1 or 2 of you view … Continue reading

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The “Let’s Race Together” Conversations about conversing about race

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Originally posted on The Last Civil Right:
I went to my local Starbucks yesterday, to test out this race relations campaign that Starbucks has ended as fast as a Barista can make a double shot mocha frappuccino w/soy and no…

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Colorado marijuana. The people have spoken.

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[Categories: Marijuana.  Colorado. Conservative thought.] The people of Colorado approved Amendment 64 to the state constitution in Nov. 2012, allowing personal use and commercial sale/regulation of marijuana.  (Wikipedia.)  Legal consumption and sale went into effect 1 January 2014. According to … Continue reading

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A Frustrated Republican

[Categories: VOTING, POLITICS, CONSERVATISM.] [Following is an email received from a California friend, critical thinker, and frustrated voter.  Feel free to reblog or email his message as you see fit.] Dear Voter  I have had an increasing sense that the … Continue reading

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Careful Reading for Thinkers

[Categories: GUN CONTROL, GAY MARRIAGE, PHILOSOPHY, DEBT] By thinkers I mean YOU. I came across several thoughtful articles on current issues recently that I want to share.  I suggest they be read slowly and carefully, perhaps at bed time where their … Continue reading

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Three Cheers for the Nanny State by Sarah Conly

[Categories: POLITICS, Conservative Thought.] From the pages of the New York Times today: OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR Three Cheers for the Nanny State BY SARAH CONLY Give me a 32-ounce soda or give me death! Seriously? Or, copy and paste this URL … Continue reading

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Your comments please. SHOULD I blog about everything?

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Options: 1. Should I have a separate blog for each subject? 2. Should I have one blog with a separate page for each subject? 3. Should I leave it more or less as it is, a single stream of posts on … Continue reading

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