(Tina leads.) I spent our U.S. Thanksgiving holiday in a part of Colorado I haven't visited previously, even though it is only a one hour and twenty minute drive from my home. (It's a big state, there is a LOT of it I haven't visited previously.) Beautiful downtown Woodland Park meant a cabin in the … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #227 – Home Sweet Home

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #225 – Wildlife Close to Home

(Anne leads.) "Wild thingYou make my heart singYou make everything groovyWild thing" by The Troggs "Here on this mountaintop, oh-oh-ohI got some wild, wild lifeI got some news to tell you, oh-ohAbout some wild, wild life" by The Talking Heads Ever the tongue-in-cheeker that I am, I had to start with the following photo, not … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #225 – Wildlife Close to Home

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #224 – Exposure Pt. 2

(Sofia leads.) The many, many fine examples submitted by OTHER bloggers for this week's theme have inspired me to delve into my archives and experiment with some rudimentary post-processing with my Apple Photos functionality. I'm too economically conservative (cheap) to pay for Lightroom et al. Following is a super-zoom of Takakaw Falls in Yoho National … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #224 – Exposure Pt. 2


(Sofia leads.) Hmmm. Inscrutable. Let the mind soar. My astute, or not, photo library search engine came up with the following album and photos from years ago, shot with my old Nikon D5200: Dog and books-exposure tests: Toooo much. Au Natural. Just right. Darrrrrk. Better. As is. (Not a current book collection, FWIW.) I like … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #224 – Exposure

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #223 – Flights Of Fancy

(Johnbo leads.) Hmmm. Inscrutable. Let the mind soar. Great thoughts and photos already, in OTHER responses to Johnbo's theme. Mine will pale in comparison as imagination is not my forte. Growing up (?!?, I'm still working on that) my flights extended to comic books (Blackhawk, Rubber Man, Super-everyone), building plastic models (mostly planes), etc. Flights … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #223 – Flights Of Fancy

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #222 – Mountains Are Calling

(Amy leads.) Oh yeah. I think I have nearly as many pictures of mountains as I do of flowers. Actually, my rudimentary Apple Photos search came up with 2766 photos and 17 videos it 'thinks' are mountains. 'Flower' only showed 1067 photos and 4 videos. I rest my case. 'Le décor de la condominium:' A … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #222 – Mountains Are Calling

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #221 – Flower Favourites – and Why?

(A-C leads.) Autumn Crocuses (Croci? Probably not.) were dying to proliferate at the Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City last month, providing splashes of color here, there, and everywhere. (Shakespeare? Or the Beatles?) https://lqlqlq2020.files.wordpress.com/2022/10/img_3074.jpeg My true favorite is the ROSE. (The following galleries are hosted on Cloudup.com. If they appear as black boxes, click … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #221 – Flower Favourites – and Why?

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #220 – One Subject Three Ways Pt. 3

(Patti leads.) "So, (don't stop me now)(Don't stop me)'Cause I'm having a good time, having a good time" --- Queen I've been dying to share pictures of the Morgan Library and Museum, NYC. I feel like I discovered this gem all by myself. I could be the only person that DIDN'T know it was there, … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #220 – One Subject Three Ways Pt. 3

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #220 – One Subject Three Ways Pt. 2

(Patti leads.) Yeahhhh "...you really got me goin'You got me so I don't know what I'm doin'..." ---You Really Got Me by The Kinks ImOnnaRoll. oc·u·lus/ˈäkyələs/nounARCHITECTURE a round or eye-like opening or design. a circular window. the central boss of a volute. YOU look up 'central boss of a volute'! I'm clueless. The Oculus, New … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #220 – One Subject Three Ways Pt. 2

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #220 – One Subject Three Ways

(Patti leads.) My first attempts will not strictly adhere to the theme guidelines, but I wanted to share some recent local color again. When did I ever not follow instructions?! After all, I wouldn't want to 'steer' you wrong: I did 'steer' around these folks, as I was 'cowed' that I was invading their space, … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #220 – One Subject Three Ways


(Wind Kisses leads.) Over The Hill? Who you calling Over The Hill?! (You said you wouldn’t tell!) Well, this week I am OTR (On The Road) ‘and’ OTH, many hills removed, west of my usual encampment, so here are a few OTH’s that might thus qualify. For all you bee and insect capturers, I GOT … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #218 – Over The Hill

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #216 – Urban Environments

(Sofia leads.) I recently returned from a week in New York City. Definitely an UrbEnv. No place quite like it. My interest in UrbEnv leans heavily toward architecture. Lest your eyes glazeth over with a cacophonous plethora of examples, I will attempt to consolidate some in galleries and compares, in no particular order. ONE WTC … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #216 – Urban Environments

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #214 – Favorite Finds

(Leya leads.) Do you find museums intriguing, she asks? VERY. I’m in NYC this week. First day today. I visited a museum for the ages, lest we forget. An absolute must-see. But first, a bit of Calatrava. What is an Oculus anyway? Don’t MAKE me look it up! Never mind. Here it is: a round … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #214 – Favorite Finds