The future we’re building — and boring | Elon Musk, on YouTube

I hate to break from my stream of mundane travel blogs on Scotland/Ireland but I just viewed this TED Talk with Elon Musk and I want to share it with you.  If even just 1 or 2 of you view it I will have made a real difference in the world. Musk, best know perhaps … Continue reading The future we’re building — and boring | Elon Musk, on YouTube

Lapham’s Quarterly Spring 2008: About Money, partial review one

[CATEGORIES: Literature, Lapham's Quarterly, Reading, Book Review] [Click HERE to see my previous posts reviewing or referencing Lapham's Quarterly.] Money.  Isn't that what it's all about?  The currency of modern day survival?  I would be hard-pressed post-apocalypse to snare, skin, cook, and eat a rabbit but I have money to buy bread.  Of course post-apoc the money … Continue reading Lapham’s Quarterly Spring 2008: About Money, partial review one

Timberwolves Europe 2013, Dutch Remembrance Day, 4 May.

[Categories: TRAVEL, PHOTOGRAPHY, EUROPE, WWII] (See previous posts for what this tour is about.) I'm not going to be able to keep up with the activity. It is Dutch Remembrance Day today (honoring all war-dead) and we have a ceremony in Wuustwezel, Belgium with the British WWII 'Polar Bears' (the 49th West Riding Infantry Division) … Continue reading Timberwolves Europe 2013, Dutch Remembrance Day, 4 May.

Affirmative Action: Is it a Necessity Today?

No comments to add. This speaks for itself. [Categories: POLITICS, CONSERVATISM.]

Black Conservative Independent: The White Sheep of the Black Community


Many people believe that Affirmative Action is needed in today’s society, I myself think it is no longer relevant or needed. At one point in time is was a great idea and a much-needed concept, but now it has become more dangerous than helpful.

What is Affirmative Action:

Affirmative Action was a measure that the United States took to ensure equality for Black Americans back in the 60’s. It was signed into law by President John F. Kennedy as Executive Order 10925,and later revisited by President Lyndon B. Johnson, as Executive Order 11246. Affirmative Action has been expanded upon many times in order to cover other categories of people as well.

President Johnson stated:

Men and women of all races are born with the same range of abilities. But ability is not just the product of birth. Ability is stretched or stunted by the…

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A Frustrated Republican

[Categories: VOTING, POLITICS, CONSERVATISM.] [Following is an email received from a California friend, critical thinker, and frustrated voter.  Feel free to reblog or email his message as you see fit.] Dear Voter  I have had an increasing sense that the Republican Party has moved dramatically left in my lifetime. They have become a Party that … Continue reading A Frustrated Republican

Careful Reading for Thinkers

[Categories: GUN CONTROL, GAY MARRIAGE, PHILOSOPHY, DEBT] By thinkers I mean YOU. I came across several thoughtful articles on current issues recently that I want to share.  I suggest they be read slowly and carefully, perhaps at bed time where their thoughtfulness may linger with your dreams. The first was in Imprimus from Hillsdale College. It … Continue reading Careful Reading for Thinkers

Three Cheers for the Nanny State by Sarah Conly

[Categories: POLITICS, Conservative Thought.] From the pages of the New York Times today: OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR Three Cheers for the Nanny State BY SARAH CONLY Give me a 32-ounce soda or give me death! Seriously? Or, copy and paste this URL into your browser: [Someone please advise if the links do not work.  The NYT is … Continue reading Three Cheers for the Nanny State by Sarah Conly

We Should Be Embarrassed by the Sequester Debate

Here is a new op-ed by two people whose intellect and opinions I very highly respect.  I have read their book Free Market Revolution twice and I strongly recommend you read this 221-page book... carefully. OP-ED We Should Be Embarrassed by the Sequester Debate If you're concerned about economic growth the cuts are far too … Continue reading We Should Be Embarrassed by the Sequester Debate

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I Love Sarah (updated)

Well, I LIKE Sarah. Palin, that is. I just stumbled upon this news item about her speech at CPAC: Palin re-emerges to lash GOP establishment and Obama alike Lest I forget my conservative and evermore conservatarian roots I had to bring this up. I like Sarah's ability to stick in the proverbial, verbal, knife-sharp quip … Continue reading I Love Sarah (updated)

One More Event to Add to the “Been There, Survived That” List


At the risk of my meandering blog offending snow people, photogs, and fashionable women, I too “am a conservative foremost, not a Republican.” I like this man’s writing.


The Conservative Citizen

After months of threats, and dire predictions of doom and widespread chaos should these spending cuts take effect, President Obama still had to stand before the nation yesterday and formally announce that the sequestration cuts had begun.

A noteworthy fact is that Obama has laid the blame for this deal squarely on the doorstep of the Republicans in Congress, quite possibly the most beleaguered group in the nation’s capital city. What is even more interesting, and revolting, is that the media has given the President a free pass once again. True, a few outlets and “news-spinners” are beginning to question the President’s approach, but a vast majority are still squarely aligned with the progressive agenda, and join the President in proclaiming that the Republicans just need to be a little more tractable and willing to compromise.

The President’s continual portrayal of the Republicans as “intractable” is merely a shell game…

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Lapham’s Quarterly Fall 2011: The Future

I'm playing catch-up on this one.  It is the favorite Quarterly of a scholarly, well-read friend.  Lewis Lapham waxes eloquent in his introductory preamble Kingdom Come.  A few excerpts: "President Obama appears before the congregations of the Democratic faithful as a man of sorrows acquainted with grief, cherishing the wounds of the American body politic … Continue reading Lapham’s Quarterly Fall 2011: The Future

T.O.T.N. (Thoughts On The News) 24 Feb. 2013. Taxes?! Of COURSE we need taxes! [UPDATED. See end of post.]

It is not often one can berate the WSJ (SHAME on the Wall Street Journal re: Payroll Tax Whacks Spending) but one can ALWAYS find some die-hard liberal cause jumping from the pages of the NEW YORK TIMES. While catching up (discarding actually) recent digital back-issues, I came across this House Editorial (unsigned piece (who DOES … Continue reading T.O.T.N. (Thoughts On The News) 24 Feb. 2013. Taxes?! Of COURSE we need taxes! [UPDATED. See end of post.]

SHAME on the Wall Street Journal re: Payroll Tax Whacks Spending

SHAME on the Wall Street Journal for making the Payroll Tax item a front page, above the fold, near-banner headline: I may have to institute an official Donald Sutherland/1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers SHAME AWARD for egregious (outstandingly bad; shocking) misrepresentation of facts to the public at large.  (See my previous post Gun control, Elisabeth Rosenthal, … Continue reading SHAME on the Wall Street Journal re: Payroll Tax Whacks Spending

T.O.T.N (Thoughts On The News) 17 Feb 2013: Minimum Wage

The WSJ Opinion Page has a good article on Obama's SOTU (State Of The Union) proposal to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $9.00 per hour.  It has facts (what a novel idea), but as a friend often reminds me, "don't confuse me with the facts".  I will try to confuse you anyway. The … Continue reading T.O.T.N (Thoughts On The News) 17 Feb 2013: Minimum Wage

Politics and the Brain

A fellow blogger I follow, conservative judging from her posts, recently posted this reference: Red brain, blue brain: Republicans & Democrats Process Risk Differently "A team of political scientists and neuroscientists has shown that liberals and conservatives use different parts of the brain when they make risky decisions, and these regions can be used to … Continue reading Politics and the Brain

T.O.T.N. (Thoughts On The News) 02/13-14/2013

Obama's State of the Union Address, Minimum Wage, Marco Rubio, Immigration, Gun Control, oh my!  REALLY?! I could opine on conservative thought 3 times a day.  I definitely should opine more than 3 times a year.  If I have anything in life it is a surfeit (noun, an excessive amount of something) of opinions. I often … Continue reading T.O.T.N. (Thoughts On The News) 02/13-14/2013

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A Message to Republicans

The following was shared with me recently.  I suggest Democrats, Independents, and moderate Republicans DO NOT READ THIS. My apology to viewers looking for travel and photography.  I have a great skiing post planned for publication soon, looking at ski run tracking apps I've been using.  However I do like to mix it up. I … Continue reading A Message to Republicans

Lapham’s Quarterly Winter 2013: Intoxication

The cover figure is a kylix (drinking cup). FINISHED!  Reading, that is.  In record time for me.  One month of reading and only a half month into the Jan-Mar winter quarter.  I usually spend the entire quarter intermittently reading this excellent literary compendium.  Now I will have time to investigate the noteworthy Fall 2011 issue The … Continue reading Lapham’s Quarterly Winter 2013: Intoxication