Skiing as it should be

Dateline: Copper Mountain Ski Area, 29 March 2011. 12" of snow in the last 24 hours, 24" in the last 48.  12F in Silverthorne this morning, meaning the snow should be reasonably light.  (Warmer spring temperatures generally mean spring snows will have a higher water content and thus be heavier in weight and require more … Continue reading Skiing as it should be

10 yesterday. (Day 40, skiing, 2010-2011 season)

10 runs, that is.  Skiing.  412 runs this season, so far.  40th ski day (33 days left in season), average 10.3 runs per day.  (A ski day for me is actually skiing hard for about 2 1/2 hours, plus a 30-40 minute lunch break many days.  OK, I’m a wimp for not skiing 6-8 hours … Continue reading 10 yesterday. (Day 40, skiing, 2010-2011 season)

Yuck! Spring Break has SPRUNG!

“Their heeeere!”  (The movie Poltergeist.  Not totally unrelated.)  Spring Break skiers are here, that is.  Ski mountain temps are rising, the snow is just beginning to soften in the ever higher spring sun, and the slopes are getting crowded.  Still, I’d rather see college kids enjoying skiing rather than beach-side beer busts and mob scenes.  … Continue reading Yuck! Spring Break has SPRUNG!

Skiing, Libya, Sowell, Decisions

Coppah’ was good skiing Tuesday.  Moderately hard-packed with some soft on top.  Did a run down Spaulding Bowl  to the Resolution Chair, not a regular area for my aging abilities.  Skied a somewhat icy run under the Blackjack Chair, then went to Union Meadow and side-slipped through some narrow tree runs, out of my league … Continue reading Skiing, Libya, Sowell, Decisions

I cross-countryed the other day

Cross-country skied, that is.  A.K.A. nordic skiing.  Not a road trip from NY to LA.  Cross-countryed isn't easy either, since it's an adjective, not a verb.  Henceforth it will be know as cross-country ski or skied. I haven't cross-country skied for years.  Used to do so regularly from the place in Fairplay.  Would go out the county … Continue reading I cross-countryed the other day

Skiing, just another grrrrr8 day!

(Hmmm.  Was that today, Fri. 11 Feb., or yesterday?  Maybe it was TWO great days.  The snow has been soooo good this winter the days just all run together like a blur.) Regardless, I was awesome today.  King of the hill.  A veritable LEGEND in my own mind.  Walter Mitty had nothing on me, and … Continue reading Skiing, just another grrrrr8 day!

Temperature report from the Colorado Arctic South

  Time / MTN Home / DEN Home 4AM /  -4F /   -10F 7:30 /  -8F / unk 9:45 /  -8F /   -8F  11:30 / -5F / -1F . Forecast high of -4F here in the mountains.  Sun is slightly breaking through the haze. Heat wave! . Forecast high of 1F in … Continue reading Temperature report from the Colorado Arctic South

Awwwwesome Skiing, Duuudes!

(A layman's primer on great ski snow, for my coastal friends.) This winter in Colorado has been drop-dead gorgeous for skiing.  What makes for good ski snow, my flatlander California friends might ask?  LOTS of snow, concurrently with cold temperatures.  The quantity of snow covers all the rocks and trees on ski slopes.  If you've … Continue reading Awwwwesome Skiing, Duuudes!

Rocker Tip Skis, an observation

I saw a ski patrol guy (i.e. reallllly good skier) skiing them moderately fast on a snow-packed traverse road yesterday.  Rockers are the latest rage, a very wide ski with very little curve at the waist.  The tips and tails both curve upwards very pronounced and prominent.  This wideness and curve is intended to give … Continue reading Rocker Tip Skis, an observation

Tiger is human! OMG, OMG!

Per Woods says he regrets ‘transgressions’ and not unlike a whole lot of us guys, Tiger’s priorities, urges, and brains are not centered in cerebral cortex as commonly assumed, but actually in a somewhat lower region. He ain’t the first one.  I do applaud his wife for whatever she did to get him rushing out … Continue reading Tiger is human! OMG, OMG!