LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #169 – The ordinary

I.J. leads this week. The ordinary from a different point of view? In my humble opinion it doesn't get more ORDINARY than an ATTIC. How many photos of attics has anyone on Lens-Artists posted in the last year or two? FEW if any I say, not because they are unusual, but because they are too … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #169 – The ordinary

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #168 – Seen Better Days Pt. 2

Tina leads on 'things that are run-down, dilapidated etc'. How about a segue from Autumn Colors to Seen Better Days. I'm gamboling and gambling on gambel (oak, that is, scrub oak). I was walking in Castlewood Canyon State Park Friday, a bit late for posting on Autumn Colors, but these leaves have Seen Better Days. … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #168 – Seen Better Days Pt. 2

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #167 – Colors of Autumn Pt. 2

Amy proposes Colors of Autumn. Superb theme. UH-OH. I made it to the mountains today for Autumn Colors 2021. I readily admit Colorado autumns are unlike the riot of colors 'back East'. That aside, we have a rainbow of YELLOW:yelloworange-yellowgreenish-yellowreddish-yellowreddish-orangeetc. etc. etc. You get the idea. Following is a plethora of Colorado aspens, taken today, … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #167 – Colors of Autumn Pt. 2

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #167 – Colors of Autumn

Amy proposes Colors of Autumn. Superb theme. I hope to get to the mountains this coming week for a taste of Colorado Autumn 2021. In the meantime, here is the same, ten years ago to the week. Autumn is for the birds, euphemistically speaking. They have good taste: Autumn deserves Vivid mode, especially from a … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #167 – Colors of Autumn

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #166 – Artificial Light Pt. 2

Leya proposes Artificial Light. There is no waiting in life. On with the show. Entering 'chandelier' in my Apple Photos search box brought up 188 photos, many even with chandeliers. I was drawn to photos of the St. Louis Union Station Hotel, which I also featured in Lens-Artists Challenge #164 – Look Up/Down Pt. 2. I … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #166 – Artificial Light Pt. 2

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #166 – Artificial Light

Leya proposes Artificial Light. Superb theme. I am back on my comfortable MacBook laptop. Following is the subject artifice within a museum: Of course, the obligatory annual Christmas lights at the Denver Botanic Gardens are artificial: Zoom and crop of the previous. My personal favorite is my green-shaded desk lamp, from which I photograph many … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #166 – Artificial Light


Patti proposes WIIIIDE. I am OTR (on the road) at the moment (ATM), and trying to post from my iPad for Pt 2. Some things can be WIIIIDE because they are not long. Following is a B-2 Bomber flying at very low altitude today, 12 Sep. 2021. Your MISSION, should you choose to accept it … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #165 – Going Wide Pt 2


Patti proposes WIIIIDE. I am OTR (on the road) at the moment (ATM), and trying to post from my iPhone. 🤞 Good luck to me. I have a dearth of resources with me, but my phone has a Panorama photo album. (Think WIIIIDE.) A phone ‘pano’ is generally a ‘180’ shot from facing left to … Continue reading LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #165 – Going Wide

Elephant feeding…

If you’re not following FrankieKay you are missing some great photos of Africa and its wildlife in her home region of Zimbabwe. Her series during October on the Mana Pools has been spectacular, with its unusual morning light and abundant animals. She’s a heckuva’ story and novel writer too. Check it out.

Frankie Kay Foto's

In the dry season, the interior of Mana has no surface water, forcing animals who need to drink daily, onto the relatively small area near the river. The elephants here at Mana have learnt to get at the very top of trees in a novel way.

I came across this elephant, right next to the road and he showed me how!


First, he sort of sniffed at what he wanted to eat – waaaay up in the tree! He moved around a bit, obviously getting the right angle…


And then he stood up on his hind legs…


And pulled down the branch he wanted.

He munched on this for a while and then repeated the activity! He totally ignored me and I was able to watch him for an hour or so, and even got a few close-ups


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Lapham’s Quarterly Spring 2011: Lines Of Work Pt. II of II

[CATEGORIES: Literature, Lapham's Quarterly, Reading, Book Review, History] [Click HERE to see my previous posts referencing Lapham's Quarterly.] [Some of LQ’s contents are available free.] [L.Q. cover and art from L.Q. Spring 2011: Lines Of Work.] A review continued.  Read PT. I for a smoother segue. Click pictures for full view. Thorstein Veblen (Theory of … Continue reading Lapham’s Quarterly Spring 2011: Lines Of Work Pt. II of II

7 Healthy Breakfast Tips

[Wow! And now for something completely healthy. I stumbled upon this blog post and was imPRESSED! -JohnRH]


Don't dig your grave with your own knife and fork

visitorsbreakfast-7An American writer, Robert A. Heinlein, once wrote: “One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.”Although most of us would say that his words are only a pure exaggeration, I am more than sure that if our body could speak, it would highly disagree with us.  The importance of a healthy breakfast is often challenged by the demanding requirements of our 21st century lifestyle, which either forces us to eat some sugared doughnut with big latte on our way to work or to skip breakfast completely.

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Bloomberg: The Capeless Crusader

THINK?! Who will think anymore?!?!

The Southern Voice

Bloomberg: The Capeless Crusader

Bloomberg is a man who never sleeps, apparently.

His zeal for public health and safety is unabated, despite a resounding “No,” from the courts in response to his ridiculous legislation banning large cups and bottles of soda. Now, the “capeless crusader” has turned once again to the item which health crusaders attack most often and most viciously: cigarettes and other forms of smoking tobacco.

The Capeless Crusader: Tireless Defender of Everyone Else's Health
The Capeless Crusader: Tireless Defender of Everyone Else’s Health

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t endorse smoking, nor do I smoke. But neither do I endorse the government-funded war on smoking. My reason for this is simple: smoking is not healthy, it’s true. But neither is eating too much. And the zealots are already turning toward overeating as their next crusade, starting with a seemingly innocuous requirement that restaurants post calorie content of each menu item. Today, require caloric content to be…

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FRESH POW, Powder Skiing, Copper Mountain Colorado, 05Mar2013, Part DEUX

[POW: Ski culture vernacular for powder snow.  This isn't about gun control.] It SHOULD have been a powder day. There was a brief but fierce  blizzard in Summit County Monday 4Mar2013 with 2 major pile-ups on I-70 near Silverthorne. Views from the condo Monday afternoon post-blizzard and Tuesday morning were beautiful: (On my Macbook I … Continue reading FRESH POW, Powder Skiing, Copper Mountain Colorado, 05Mar2013, Part DEUX

I Love Sarah (updated)

Well, I LIKE Sarah. Palin, that is. I just stumbled upon this news item about her speech at CPAC: Palin re-emerges to lash GOP establishment and Obama alike Lest I forget my conservative and evermore conservatarian roots I had to bring this up. I like Sarah's ability to stick in the proverbial, verbal, knife-sharp quip … Continue reading I Love Sarah (updated)

What, Me Worry…About The Debt Limit?

[This is yet another great blog about the U.S. national debt. The second video is sadly, hilariously funny. Both are short. (Refresh your web page if you get an error on the first video as I did. It worked for me.) Good work NecessaryAndProper.]

Necessary and Proper

Almost  17 Trillion Dollar US National DebtThe U.S. national debt is currently more than 16.6 trillion dollars.  To be specific:


Wait!  In the time it took me to type that number and this paragraph, it increased to:


What does that mean to you?

Well, it’s $52,672 per U.S. citizen.

Since only 36 out of every 100 citizens pays federal income taxes, it’s $146,848/taxpayer.

(photo credit)

Want to see for yourself how concerned the Democrat politicians in

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