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Elephant feeding…

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Originally posted on Frankie Kay Foto's:
In the dry season, the interior of Mana has no surface water, forcing animals who need to drink daily, onto the relatively small area near the river. The elephants here at Mana have…

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FOTD – April 26, 2019 – Tulips

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Today at the Denver Botanic Gardens, York St. Bird is a Black-crowned Night Heron, possibly? Inspiration from Cee: Post created on my iPhone, as if that is an excuse.

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Lapham’s Quarterly Spring 2011: Lines Of Work Pt. II of II

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[CATEGORIES: Literature, Lapham’s Quarterly, Reading, Book Review, History] [Click HERE to see my previous posts referencing Lapham’s Quarterly.] [Some of LQ’s contents are available free.] [L.Q. cover and art from L.Q. Spring 2011: Lines Of Work.] A review continued.  Read … Continue reading

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Close Encounters of Three Kinds

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The light was good.  I couldn’t resist. Click to enlarge.  Scroll down, click View Full Size to enlarge again.  Click again to enlarge again. Find your way back if you can. Next time I must bring a real camera. And … Continue reading

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7 Healthy Breakfast Tips

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Originally posted on Don't dig your grave with your own knife and fork:
An American writer, Robert A. Heinlein, once wrote: “One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.” Although most of us…

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Bloomberg: The Capeless Crusader

Originally posted on The Southern Voice:
Bloomberg: The Capeless Crusader Bloomberg is a man who never sleeps, apparently. His zeal for public health and safety is unabated, despite a resounding “No,” from the courts in response to his ridiculous legislation…

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FRESH POW, Powder Skiing, Copper Mountain Colorado, 05Mar2013, Part DEUX

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[POW: Ski culture vernacular for powder snow.  This isn’t about gun control.] It SHOULD have been a powder day. There was a brief but fierce  blizzard in Summit County Monday 4Mar2013 with 2 major pile-ups on I-70 near Silverthorne. Views … Continue reading

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