“On the road again…” Pt. IV Albuquerque and Balloon Fiesta

[Categories: Photography, Travel, Travel photography, Photography 101 Forever] October 2016. The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is held each year in early October.  It is a sight to behold, at least once, but you must not be crowd averse.  There are a lot of people there! Following are pictures to give you a small taste of the … Continue reading “On the road again…” Pt. IV Albuquerque and Balloon Fiesta

Timberwolves Reunion Albuquerque – Friday

[CATEGORIES: Travel, WWII, Veterans.] I'm not posting everyday on this trip. Trust me. I know this. Really.  These pix are mainly for the benefit of those that hang out at the Timberwolves Facebook site and couldn't attend the reunion. I am excited to hear that the attendee count is not the previously reported 132 but … Continue reading Timberwolves Reunion Albuquerque – Friday

Timberwolves in Albuquerque, Thursday sampler

[CATEGORIES: Travel, WWII, Veterans.] For the uninitiated the Timberwolves here are WWII veterans of the 104th Infantry Division's campaign from Normandy to Torgau, Germany near Berlin ending 68 years ago (1944-1945). Though I don't have a count we have a decent number of the vets present with friends and family totaling 132 people in Albuquerque, … Continue reading Timberwolves in Albuquerque, Thursday sampler