Powwderrrr (skiing, that is)

[Categories: Skiing, Winter Sports] Thursday 30 January was the best powder skiing day I have had in a very, very long time.  I skied at Copper Mt. that day.  It was a black-and-white day.  Very little color.  The snow hung heavily on the tall lodgepole pine, covering the dark green needles until they almost looked … Continue reading Powwderrrr (skiing, that is)

Awwwwesome Skiing, Duuudes!

(A layman's primer on great ski snow, for my coastal friends.) This winter in Colorado has been drop-dead gorgeous for skiing.  What makes for good ski snow, my flatlander California friends might ask?  LOTS of snow, concurrently with cold temperatures.  The quantity of snow covers all the rocks and trees on ski slopes.  If you've … Continue reading Awwwwesome Skiing, Duuudes!