Art in Plein Air at the Mansion

[Categories: Arts, Photography, Photography 101 Forever] Our local historical mansion had an outdoor painting (plein air) exhibition yesterday, during which the public could stroll the grounds and watch artists at work.  Most, but not all, the artists seemed to work with oils applied very thickly, even more than Van Gogh.  It was a beautiful, blue … Continue reading Art in Plein Air at the Mansion

Lapham’s Quarterly Winter 2012: Family

    A review. Lapham’s Quarterly is a superb assembly of thought from all of recorded history.  Each quarterly issue gathers essays and commentaries from great thinkers on a broad but specific topic. Recent issues have dwelt on Food, Lines of Work, Celebrity, The City, and Arts and Letters. (I saw a video interviewer pronounce … Continue reading Lapham’s Quarterly Winter 2012: Family