Timberwolves Europe 2013. Extra Days, Prague. 17 May.

[Categories: TRAVEL, PHOTOGRAPHY, EUROPE, WWII] (See previous posts for what this tour is about.) (As always, click on photos to enlarge or play movie.) The last day.  We've had a great trip but we'll be glad to get home. We love Prague.  Depends on what you like.  Outdoors architecture and history abound.  Students of Charles … Continue reading Timberwolves Europe 2013. Extra Days, Prague. 17 May.

A Dog’s Life – The Early Years. 8 weeks 3 days old (in 2006).

People like photos.  People like dogs (usually).  Dogs like people (usually).  Do dogs like photos? [This gallery is in slideshow mode.  Click on any dog picture to open the slideshow.  Scroll down and click 'View Full Size...' to do just that.  On my Macbook I can then click again to make the photo REAL BIG. … Continue reading A Dog’s Life – The Early Years. 8 weeks 3 days old (in 2006).

Thanks to recent viewers

Yet a few more viewers have stumbled upon my blog.  THANK YOU!  I want to acknowledge you and refer people to your own blogs, which I find outstanding without exception. I will probably overlook mentioning someone.  SORRY. DON’T FORGET LESLEY CARTER.  This woman is really going for it in living life to the fullest.  Check … Continue reading Thanks to recent viewers

Snow Sculptures, Breckenridge Colorado, January 2013, 2012, 2011

(Click on a photo to enlarge in a separate window, use your browser Back button or function to return to this page.) Breckenridge Snow Sculptures, January 2012 (Seems like we always view the sculptures on a sunny day!) Breckenridge Snow Sculptures, January 2011

Thank you photographer viewers, and viewers non-photography

At least another 1/2 dozen people have viewed my site.  I'm gob-smacked.  Almost every viewer does some photography, many do a lot.  Following are some of them.  They are from all over the world.  Their photos are great.  Their websites are great.  Have a look. Lily La [Most recent viewer.  Vietnamese Londoner on her way to … Continue reading Thank you photographer viewers, and viewers non-photography

Lapham’s Quarterly Fall 2012: Politics

What can one say about this issue?  FINISHED!!  Timely as ever it arrived mid-September for the Oct.-Dec. quarter and in time to get some of it read before the Great Elections of 2012.  It still took me the entire quarter to read the mere 222 pages of this fine publication.  There is something about Politics … Continue reading Lapham’s Quarterly Fall 2012: Politics

Lapham’s Quarterly Winter 2012: Family

    A review. Lapham’s Quarterly is a superb assembly of thought from all of recorded history.  Each quarterly issue gathers essays and commentaries from great thinkers on a broad but specific topic. Recent issues have dwelt on Food, Lines of Work, Celebrity, The City, and Arts and Letters. (I saw a video interviewer pronounce … Continue reading Lapham’s Quarterly Winter 2012: Family