T.O.T.N. 11/10/2011: Romney, Gingrich, Paterno

Thoughts On The News: A.B.O. is my presidential campaign motto for 2012. "Anyone But Obama." Now that you know where I sit AND stand, following are a few thoughts and articles of recent note. Mitt Romney continues to shine in the Republican Presidential Debates if only for his ability to stay in the middle of … Continue reading T.O.T.N. 11/10/2011: Romney, Gingrich, Paterno

Republicans’ Debate Mon. 13 June

Is this old news now?  Has the dust settled?  I watched one hr+ of the 2 hours scheduled.  I liked it.  I liked the candidates (some more than others) and I liked what they said.  I think this country has a good number from which to choose their replacement for Barack Obama. That seemed to … Continue reading Republicans’ Debate Mon. 13 June