Travel blogging from an iPad2

[Categories: TRAVEL, PHOTOGRAPHY.] [It's 6am as I attempt to finish this post. It's about the time on my trip I'll be heading to the hotel exercise room for a little cardio. The battle between exercise, tour walking, and fabulous food on the trip will be ferocious.] I'm trying to post using the WordPress for iPad … Continue reading Travel blogging from an iPad2

Prepping for Prague…

[Categories: TRAVEL, PHOTOGRAPHY] well as Berlin, Halle, Baunatal-Kassel, Koln, Aachen, Breda, Amsterdam, and numerous points in between. M'lady and I are leaving next week for the Timberwolves Pups WWII Europe Tour. We trace the footsteps of m'lady's father's WWII unit the 104th Inf. Div. (Timberwolves) through southern Holland (Standaarbuiten, Oudenbosch) and across Germany to … Continue reading Prepping for Prague…

Lapham’s Quarterly Winter 2013: Intoxication

The cover figure is a kylix (drinking cup). FINISHED!  Reading, that is.  In record time for me.  One month of reading and only a half month into the Jan-Mar winter quarter.  I usually spend the entire quarter intermittently reading this excellent literary compendium.  Now I will have time to investigate the noteworthy Fall 2011 issue The … Continue reading Lapham’s Quarterly Winter 2013: Intoxication

Do you Zinio? My library does, therefore so do I.

Books are amazing.  Magazines are amazing.  Libraries are STILL amazing and RELEVANT. I know I can go to my library and read books, magazines, and newspapers for free. I know I can request and download ebooks for free. I did NOT know I could download and read 170 different digitized magazines for free.  My recent … Continue reading Do you Zinio? My library does, therefore so do I.

Do you have time…? (Lapham’s Quarterly Fall 2011: The Future)

Does time have you? Do you care? A friend and his references to the Fall 2011 issue of Lapham's Quarterly THE FUTURE, as well as a night in the hospital recently, got me thinking about my mortality. As I've grown older, retired, and plotted my potential income and expense for the rest of my potential … Continue reading Do you have time…? (Lapham’s Quarterly Fall 2011: The Future)