Lapham’s Quarterly Winter 2015: Foreigners

[CATEGORIES: Literature, Lapham's Quarterly, Reading, Book Review] [Click HERE to see my previous posts referencing Lapham's Quarterly.] [Some of LQ’s contents are available free.] [All photos or web clips are of pages in the Foreigners issue of L.Q., except Pogo of course.] Superb, excellent, outstanding.  These are my most-used adjectives for things that are such … Continue reading Lapham’s Quarterly Winter 2015: Foreigners

What are YOU reading?

[Categories: Literature, Reading.] But enough about YOU.  What about ME? It seems like I'm reading EVERYTHING (exaggeratedly of course). I've been reading a lot of 'stuff' lately and still have a lot of 'stuff' to read. [Click on photos to enlarge, if you are so inclined.] Since December I've read or I'm reading: Hound of … Continue reading What are YOU reading?

The Racketeer by John Grisham

No-spoilers alert! This book is too good to interfere with the suspense and plot twists. You will get more info from the book jacket or other reviews than you will from me. I try not to read other reviews before writing my own so I can give my untainted opinion. The Racketeer is pure entertainment. … Continue reading The Racketeer by John Grisham

The Litigators by John Grisham, review

This is the second book I've inhaled during the last two weeks, a good speed for me. (See my recent review of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.) This one took about five days. I like to read but I'm lazy about it so I must have been gifted with two decent books this Christmas. The Litigators is … Continue reading The Litigators by John Grisham, review

Read THE CONFESSION by Grisham

As in 'red', past tense, or 'reed', you read this.  I'm referring to John Grisham's The Confession: A Novel, published in 2010.  I devoured it over a 48 hour period, fast reading for me, but it was a page turner and page burner.  Totally engrossing.  Only once, briefly, did I think "Oh yeah, another Grisham novel". … Continue reading Read THE CONFESSION by Grisham

Reading John Grisham

The Confession: A Novel that is.  I just started it and I suspect this will read much faster than Ann Coulter's Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America.  Sorry Ann, but not many can jump right into a cliffhanger like Grisham.  Suspense from the beginning.  Numerous story lines.  Where will they coincide, where will they collide? … Continue reading Reading John Grisham

Temperature report from the Colorado Arctic South

  Time / MTN Home / DEN Home 4AM /  -4F /   -10F 7:30 /  -8F / unk 9:45 /  -8F /   -8F  11:30 / -5F / -1F . Forecast high of -4F here in the mountains.  Sun is slightly breaking through the haze. Heat wave! . Forecast high of 1F in … Continue reading Temperature report from the Colorado Arctic South