Springin’ in the ‘Burbs – 2016

Diabolo Ninebark

[Categories: Photography, Photography 101 Forever, Flowers] [Click on a picture to enlarge, then scroll down for camera info or to enlarge further.  It looks like WordPress has corrected their shutter speed mis-reads.] (I live just south of Denver, Colorado.) I mean to say 'Spring in the Suburbs' for those who can't comprehend my mangled vernacular. … Continue reading Springin’ in the ‘Burbs – 2016


[CATEGORIES: Photography, Travel Photography.] Indian Summer?  What's up with that?  First we had Summit County Early Autumn, then Mid-Late Autumn, Farewell to Autumn, and Autumn is Gone. Didn't I mention we often get pleasant weather during the 1st week or two in October?  Sorry about that.  Not so pleasant late last week, but beautiful blue … Continue reading Summit County INDIAN SUMMER

The Perpetual Beginner: Photography 101 forever

[CATEGORIES: Photography.] I am the perpetual beginner in everything.  I need two lifetimes; one in which to make all the mistakes, another in which to get it right.  I'm out of luck on that (the second life). One thing I'm more certain of in my retirement years is that my road well-traveled must be paved … Continue reading The Perpetual Beginner: Photography 101 forever