Lens-Artists Challenge #67 – Candid

[Categories: Photography, Photography 101 Forever [Photos this week are hosted right here on WordPress.  Somewhere...  serene.] [Right-click on a photo might open it in a separate tab or window.] The Lens Artists Challenge is hosted this week by Leya//Ann-Christine. A-C says: "Taking photos of people or animals when they have no idea that you’re doing it … Continue reading Lens-Artists Challenge #67 – Candid

Lapham’s Quarterly Fall 2010: The City

[CATEGORIES: Literature, Lapham's Quarterly, Reading, Book Review] [Click HERE to see my previous posts referencing Lapham's Quarterly.] [Some of LQ’s contents are available free.] [L.Q. cover and art from L.Q. Fall 2010: The City.] A review.  Here in winter 2017 I'm two issues short of having read every Lapham's Quarterly since its inception with Winter … Continue reading Lapham’s Quarterly Fall 2010: The City

Careful Reading for Thinkers

[Categories: GUN CONTROL, GAY MARRIAGE, PHILOSOPHY, DEBT] By thinkers I mean YOU. I came across several thoughtful articles on current issues recently that I want to share.  I suggest they be read slowly and carefully, perhaps at bed time where their thoughtfulness may linger with your dreams. The first was in Imprimus from Hillsdale College. It … Continue reading Careful Reading for Thinkers