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Lapham’s Quarterly Fall 2014: Time

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Perception is reality.  (Isn’t it?  Sometimes?) Time is a ring.  A year of time is a ring, that is.  It stands vertical as though one were facing it and the year proceeds counter-clockwise (of course), from right to left over … Continue reading

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Lapham’s Quarterly Fall 2011, The Future. Final thoughts.

[Categories: LAPHAM’S QUARTERLY, LITERATURE, Philosophy, Reading.] Ref. my previous post on The Future, Lapham’s Quarterly Fall 2011, The Future, I finished reading this back issue. (Now I can start on my newly arrived Spring 2012 issue ANIMALS.) Were it not … Continue reading

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Yet another book you must read: FREE MARKET REVOLUTION

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Free Market Revolution: How Ayn Rand’s Ideas Can End Big Government by Yaron Brook, Don Watkins This is an excellent book.  I approve its message. (It is presidential election season.) The book is a methodical, reasoned analysis of the self-inflicted big government … Continue reading

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CAPITALIST SOLUTIONS – A Philosophy of American Moral Dilemmas by Andrew Bernstein

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This is a dynamic, powerful book.  It is filled with in-your-face pull-no-punches logic and reason.  Oh these Ayn Randians (Bernstein has written and lectured with the Ayn Rand Institute for some time).  Do they never stop spouting about individual rights, … Continue reading

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Do you have time…? (Lapham’s Quarterly Fall 2011: The Future)

Does time have you? Do you care? A friend and his references to the Fall 2011 issue of Lapham’s Quarterly THE FUTURE, as well as a night in the hospital recently, got me thinking about my mortality. As I’ve grown … Continue reading

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What are YOU reading?

But enough about you.  [Let me know anyway.  🙂 ]  I am far from the most avid reader one can find on the blog pages these days.  However… With the aim of tempering my non-fiction reading (current events, economics, politics, … Continue reading

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CliffsNotes: ATLAS SHRUGGED by Ayn Rand

I finished this great little review of the subject epic tome. A friend suggested this and CliffsNotes: FOUNTAINHEAD as good summaries to enhance one’s understanding of the books. I’ve read them both now and I heartily agree with his assessment. … Continue reading

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Essays on Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”

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..edited by Robert Mayhew. Why am I reading so much fiction these days? (See my recent blogs.) In order to take a breather from THIS scholarly tome. It’s not that I’m suffocating. It’s that such in-depth analysis of a such a … Continue reading

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