Summit County September

[CATEGORIES: Photography, Recreation, Travel.] Contrary to published reports, not all of Colorado is under water this mid-September 2013.  It does seem like the state has either been on fire or flooded all summer.  We just do that so people don't think it is too nice here. These pictures were taken between 9 and 12 September, … Continue reading Summit County September

Views from Angler Mt. Trail, Summit County Colorado

Hiked mid-day today, 2 Oct. 2012.  The fun never stops.  Enjoying that autumn weather while it lasts.  It won't be long.  This trail is above Silverthorne in the north part of the county, east of Highway 9 affording incredible views to the west. [Click to enlarge each picture individually.  (Zooming while enlarged can be interesting.) … Continue reading Views from Angler Mt. Trail, Summit County Colorado

Maui 2012 – Day Final (Nine)

Saturday 2 June. Flight leaves at 9:40pm tonight. Fitness center 5:30am. I can't imagine how much weight I would have gained had I NOT spent 8 of nine mornings getting a light workout while here. One last snorkel. SWSNBN (She Who Shall Not Be Named) will lifeguard from the beach while I take a dip. … Continue reading Maui 2012 – Day Final (Nine)

Maui 2012 – Day Eight – LUAU

1 June. Swim Day this morning, luau tonight. Fitness center 5:45am, with a Starbucks of course. (Should they be giving me free stock instead of free coffee every 15 buys?) 8:30a we head south on the coast path to Wailea Beach Park in front of the Four Seasons Hotel again. The water is calmer than … Continue reading Maui 2012 – Day Eight – LUAU

Maui 2012 – Day Seven – Zip lines!!

31 May. Time for a most excellent adventure. We do a little pool time as we don't have to leave until mid-morning for our afternoon booking. We have booked via internet again with Tom Barefoot's Tours and agent Leslie Ferguson. We have all vouchers in hand received via email and we know based on the … Continue reading Maui 2012 – Day Seven – Zip lines!!

Maui 2012 – Day Six – Swim Day

30 May. Fitness Center workout and Starbucks. M'lady is still druggy from the dramamine taken for the Molokai ferry return. Nasty stuff. Buffet breakfast at the Wailea Marriott. Delicious. Run up to Snorkel Bob's at 2411 S. Kihei Rd. so 'she' can buy a UPF 50 swim shirt to keep the sun off her back. … Continue reading Maui 2012 – Day Six – Swim Day

Maui 2012 – Day Five – Moloka’i

Uh oh. No Starbucks or fitness center for me this morning. The end of the world must be near. 29 May. We are out the door at 5:45a to drive to Lahaina for the Molokai Princess ferry to the island of Molokai at 7:15a. There we will do the Alii Tour booked online through Rob … Continue reading Maui 2012 – Day Five – Moloka’i

Maui 2012 – Day Four – The Road To Hana

Dateline Monday 28 May. The famous/infamous Road to Hana. 50+ miles, 600+ curves of narrrrow 2-lane or less blacktop. The windward, wet, lushly vegetated east side of Maui. We buy the CD guide to play in the Caddy. Http:// What a blast. A stop/start audio guide which points out by mile-marker and accompanying map ALL … Continue reading Maui 2012 – Day Four – The Road To Hana

Maui 2012 – Day Three

Short post about today. I need to catch up. First, thanks for the many 'likes' on my Maui posts to date. YOU folks have GREAT travel blogs. I haven't had a chance to explore the sites in depth but I see at a glance some fascinating travel experiences. There are posts on Rangoon, Jakarta, Singapore, … Continue reading Maui 2012 – Day Three

Maui 2012 – Full Day Two

It's decided. Contrary to my previous post's indecision (how unlike me) this is about our second full day on Maui. Saturday 26 May. That is accurate. Now about that jet lag. I feel fine. I'm not groggy, foggy, fuzzy, or a duck. I am nicely awake and 'present' (what a novel state of consciousness). I'm … Continue reading Maui 2012 – Full Day Two

Maui 2012 – Getting there

First Class air. Vacation starts when you get on the plane in Denver, thanks to significant other's massive air miles collected from work travel. Lunch en route to LAX. Cold chicken breast salad (romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing), tomato and red pepper bisque soup, roll, oatmeal raisin cookie. The LAX United Club is nice. Fairly quiet, … Continue reading Maui 2012 – Getting there