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A Frustrated Republican

[Categories: VOTING, POLITICS, CONSERVATISM.] [Following is an email received from a California friend, critical thinker, and frustrated voter.  Feel free to reblog or email his message as you see fit.] Dear Voter  I have had an increasing sense that the … Continue reading

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We Should Be Embarrassed by the Sequester Debate

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Here is a new op-ed by two people whose intellect and opinions I very highly respect.  I have read their book Free Market Revolution twice and I strongly recommend you read this 221-page book… carefully. OP-ED We Should Be Embarrassed … Continue reading

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I Love Sarah (updated)

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Well, I LIKE Sarah. Palin, that is. I just stumbled upon this news item about her speech at CPAC: Palin re-emerges to lash GOP establishment and Obama alike Lest I forget my conservative and evermore conservatarian roots I had to … Continue reading

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One More Event to Add to the “Been There, Survived That” List

  At the risk of my meandering blog offending snow people, photogs, and fashionable women, I too “am a conservative foremost, not a Republican.” I like this man’s writing.  

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T.O.T.N. (Thoughts On The News) 24 Feb. 2013. Taxes?! Of COURSE we need taxes! [UPDATED. See end of post.]

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It is not often one can berate the WSJ (SHAME on the Wall Street Journal re: Payroll Tax Whacks Spending) but one can ALWAYS find some die-hard liberal cause jumping from the pages of the NEW YORK TIMES. While catching up … Continue reading

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Politics and the Brain

A fellow blogger I follow, conservative judging from her posts, recently posted this reference: Red brain, blue brain: Republicans & Democrats Process Risk Differently “A team of political scientists and neuroscientists has shown that liberals and conservatives use different parts … Continue reading

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Reading Ann Coulter

She’s smart, very smart.  She’s good looking.  She has a supremely acerbic, acidic, wryly humorous wit.  She’s in love with herself I suspect.  I know I am.  In love with myself that is, or very very fond of at least. … Continue reading

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Look Look. See Sarah Palin.

See Sarah Run. Stop Sarah Stop. Don’t Run, Sarah, Don’t Run. Some Republicans urge Palin not to run If I have to I will say it a thousand times between now and 2012. We who dearly and seriously do NOT … Continue reading

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