Maui 2012 – Day Final (Nine)

Saturday 2 June. Flight leaves at 9:40pm tonight. Fitness center 5:30am. I can't imagine how much weight I would have gained had I NOT spent 8 of nine mornings getting a light workout while here. One last snorkel. SWSNBN (She Who Shall Not Be Named) will lifeguard from the beach while I take a dip. … Continue reading Maui 2012 – Day Final (Nine)

Maui 2012 – Day Six – Swim Day

30 May. Fitness Center workout and Starbucks. M'lady is still druggy from the dramamine taken for the Molokai ferry return. Nasty stuff. Buffet breakfast at the Wailea Marriott. Delicious. Run up to Snorkel Bob's at 2411 S. Kihei Rd. so 'she' can buy a UPF 50 swim shirt to keep the sun off her back. … Continue reading Maui 2012 – Day Six – Swim Day

Maui 2012 – Day Three

Short post about today. I need to catch up. First, thanks for the many 'likes' on my Maui posts to date. YOU folks have GREAT travel blogs. I haven't had a chance to explore the sites in depth but I see at a glance some fascinating travel experiences. There are posts on Rangoon, Jakarta, Singapore, … Continue reading Maui 2012 – Day Three