First Ski Day Winter 2013-2014.

[CATEGORIES: Skiing, Travel.] Wed. 5 Nov. 2013 was my first day skiing this season.  Ski area of choice, and season pass: Copper Mountain, Colorado.  It is very early in the ski season but the snow was decent.  Copper is very good at making and grooming man-made snow but that kind of snow can be very … Continue reading First Ski Day Winter 2013-2014.

FRESH POW, Powder Skiing, Copper Mountain Colorado, 05Mar2013, Part DEUX

[POW: Ski culture vernacular for powder snow.  This isn't about gun control.] It SHOULD have been a powder day. There was a brief but fierce  blizzard in Summit County Monday 4Mar2013 with 2 major pile-ups on I-70 near Silverthorne. Views from the condo Monday afternoon post-blizzard and Tuesday morning were beautiful: (On my Macbook I … Continue reading FRESH POW, Powder Skiing, Copper Mountain Colorado, 05Mar2013, Part DEUX

Awwwwesome Skiing, Duuudes!

(A layman's primer on great ski snow, for my coastal friends.) This winter in Colorado has been drop-dead gorgeous for skiing.  What makes for good ski snow, my flatlander California friends might ask?  LOTS of snow, concurrently with cold temperatures.  The quantity of snow covers all the rocks and trees on ski slopes.  If you've … Continue reading Awwwwesome Skiing, Duuudes!

Rocker Tip Skis, an observation

I saw a ski patrol guy (i.e. reallllly good skier) skiing them moderately fast on a snow-packed traverse road yesterday.  Rockers are the latest rage, a very wide ski with very little curve at the waist.  The tips and tails both curve upwards very pronounced and prominent.  This wideness and curve is intended to give … Continue reading Rocker Tip Skis, an observation