Lens-Artists Challenge #55 – Dreamy

[Categories: Photography, Photography 101 Forever [Photos this week are hosted right here on WordPress.  Somewhere...  serene.] [All photos might be right-clicked to open in a new tab or window.  These are recent pictures I've taken.] The Lens Artist Challenge is hosted this week by Ann-Christine Will there be many 'silky' flowing streams this week?  We … Continue reading Lens-Artists Challenge #55 – Dreamy

Lapham’s Quarterly Spring 2009: Crimes & Punishments

[CATEGORIES: Literature, Lapham's Quarterly, Reading, Book Review] [Click HERE to see my previous posts referencing Lapham's Quarterly.] [Some of LQ’s contents are available free.] [All photos or web clips are of pages in the C & P issue of L.Q.] The crimes and punishments presented, some real and some fiction, are equally abhorrent.  The nearer to … Continue reading Lapham’s Quarterly Spring 2009: Crimes & Punishments