Timberwolves Reunion Albuquerque – Saturday

[CATEGORIES: Travel, WWII, Veterans.] [This post may load slowly as there are a lot of pictures in a single gallery.] Bus tours are finished for the weekend.  Today it is Pups General Meeting, Ladies Luncheon, Men's Canteen, Midday Entertainment, Reunion General Meeting, and evening Beer Bust with raffle. (Select photos to enlarge.  Click X in … Continue reading Timberwolves Reunion Albuquerque – Saturday

Timberwolves in Albuquerque, Thursday sampler

[CATEGORIES: Travel, WWII, Veterans.] For the uninitiated the Timberwolves here are WWII veterans of the 104th Infantry Division's campaign from Normandy to Torgau, Germany near Berlin ending 68 years ago (1944-1945). Though I don't have a count we have a decent number of the vets present with friends and family totaling 132 people in Albuquerque, … Continue reading Timberwolves in Albuquerque, Thursday sampler